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Chatbot Integration

Combine the best of AI and human

Unblu Chatbot API offers the perfect hybrid experience between the facility of chatbot interactions and the reassuring familiarity of human-to-human exchange.

Seamless transfer from bot to human

Integrating bot technology with the Unblu Web API allows customers to begin a chatbot conversation but transfer to a human advisor at any moment.

Increase satisfaction

Save customers time with the convenience of online chatbot advice. Then increase their satisfaction by allowing them to transfer to a human advisor, providing the added support of a personal interaction.

Choose the type that’s best  for you

Choose the type that’s best for you

Dialog bots

Dialog bots provide a one-to-one dialog with visitors to welcome them when they arrive on an application—the onboarding phase—and to close the interaction during offboarding.

Conversational observing bots

Conversation Observing bots identify a message in a conversation or an event that then will trigger a real-time webhook notification. The bot can then chime in as appropriate.

Make customer support more natural and intuitive

Low impact & support required

For simple everyday banking operations, interacting with a chatbot provides timely and relevant advice in a manner that is engaging and helpful.

Potential impact & low support

Chatbots build the bridge to human financial advice on things like mortgages or insurance in the natural context of a conversation rather than in support pages and FAQs.

High impact & high complexity

For complex long-term investments, customers prefer speaking to a real person offering specific and empathetic advice so will appreciate the chance to transfer from bot to advisor.

Low impact & low support

When paying a bill or transferring money, customers can find the answers to issues faster by speaking with a chatbot than by searching the website.

Optimize and modernize customer service delivery

  • Save time without risk

    Chatbots provide quick responses to queries in real time. And even if the bot can’t offer the perfect answer, customers can be transferred to a human advisor instead.

  • Reduce customer support costs

    With customers resolving their problems faster and advisors being able to delegate some queries to chatbots to answer, customer support costs are reduced.

  • Generate more qualified leads

    With chatbots or advisors on hand, customers can be guided through the process at points where they might otherwise drop off, therefore generating more qualified leads.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    When they require the reassurance of human-to-human exchange, customers will appreciate being able to transfer smoothly to talking to an advisor on Live Chat.

How does Unblu’s technology work?

Central Bot integration

The central Bot Integration component serves to connect Bot frameworks—such as RASA or Microsoft Bot Framework—with the Unblu Collaboration Server.


Webhooks—real-time notifications— received from the Unblu Collaboration Server are then translated into a format that can be understood by the Bot framework.

Bot Framework

Messages and any actions from the Bot framework are also translated into understandable Web-API calls on the Collaboration server, allowing any Bot framework to be integrated.

Integrate chatbots with  Unblu’s conversational  banking solution

Integrate chatbots with Unblu’s conversational banking solution

You can now introduce a Virtual Assistant into the Unblu interface, enhancing customer service further with automated financial advice and recommendations.

Rather than lengthy FAQ pages, opt for a chatbot platform interface where customers can find answers to their questions via a conversation.

Bridge the gap between the human and chatbot experience with Unblu’s hybrid conversational banking solution that allows a seamless transition between the convenience of digital exchange and the familiarity of human contact.

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