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Live Chat enables advisors to talk to customers at the right time

What is live chat support

Customer service has been transformed by live chat technology. By enabling advisors to talk with customers in real time, wherever they are, live chat empowers banks to respond to needs faster than ever before. Unlike chatbots, whose answers tend towards the generic and impersonal, live chat gives customers the reassurance and familiarity of talking to a human advisor.


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How does live chat work in financial services

Live chat takes customer service to the next level, providing customers with a personal response as well as improved speed and efficiency. But how exactly does live chat technology work?

  • Firstly, visitors make a live chat assistance request. Advisors then ask for additional information to prioritize the request and will assign the conversation to active advisors.
  • Advisors can see what the customer has done so far, allowing them to understand the exact problem. For common requests, canned responses can speed up support.
  • Unblu’s API ensures connectivity between all the data, applications, and devices that might be relevant. This seamless integration gives advisors everything they need to help customers.
  • Starting a co-browsing session provides the advisor with the valuable context of the customer’s visual experience, so they can further personalize advice.
  • Customers and advisors can also share documents, viewing them alongside each other, discussing them, and even collaborating.
  • All live chat conversations are archived. Statistics drawn from this data can provide insights into the customer experience, empowering you to deliver an even better service.


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Benefits of live chat support

Live chat offers that vital human touch, a helping hand with the most important inquiries, and relevant advice and guidance at exactly the right moment.

  • Leave customers satisfied

    Despite the efficiency and convenience provided by digital platforms, customers miss the power of an authentic human-to-human conversation. Live chat can fill this gap, giving customers the chance to speak to a real person while still offering the speed and ease of online communication. This improves customer satisfaction which in turn leads to greater customer retention and loyalty.

  • Make a meaningful impact

    While simple queries can be resolved by chatbot, it’s the complex inquiries that have the most significance for customers. Live chat allows advisors to step in and help customers with these more complicated issues, such as mortgages or insurance, providing vital reassurance at the right moment. This makes a big impact, helping customers when they need it most.

  • Increase engagement and sales

    Live chat allows advisors to step in and offer guidance at the precise time when customers are losing interest. Customers can feel neglected and frustrated when they are unable to get help from a real person and are instead stuck talking to bots. Stepping in at this moment leads to reduced drop off rates, improved engagement, and more sales closed.

Live chat best practices in banking

Live chat can be harnessed as a means to deliver that vital human element in customer service, while also having all the advantages of a digital exchange: speed, convenience, and efficiency.

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  • Assign conversations efficiently

    Advisors are assigned conversations as they are requested according to the urgency of the request and the advisor’s expertise and workload.

  • Automate replies

    Canned responses automate replies, minimizing the time taken for advisors to respond while still maintaining a personal touch.

  • Meet security demands

    All communication takes place with the utmost commitment to security to ensure that all exchanges between customer and advisor remain compliant.

  • Combine with other features

    Further improve the customer experience by using live chat in conjunction with co-browsing and document sharing. Access to the customer’s visual context enables the advisor to offer more relevant and specific guidance.

  • Learn and improve

    All live chat sessions are archived and this data can be analyzed alongside customer satisfaction ratings in order to understand the customer experience and constantly improve services.


Live chat and chatbots use cases

Live chat and chatbots fulfill different roles at different times. A hybrid model allows customers to begin talking to a bot and later transfer to an advisor.

  • Complex and high-stakes inquiries

    When it comes to sensitive issues such as mortgages or insurance, customers might be happy to begin by talking to a chatbot in order to get answers to simple queries. But they then appreciate the option to switch to talking to an advisor for reassurance on the final decision. This also avoids the problem of having to pre-program chatbots with every possible answer.


  • Everyday banking operations

    But for everyday banking operations, chatbots provide the perfect solution. Customers can get a quick answer to their query without even having to come into the branch or pick up the phone. Plus, getting answers to problems in the natural context of a conversation is far more intuitive and engaging than scrolling through FAQ pages.


How to choose the best live chat software for your business

Questions to ask your live chat software vendor:

Is live chat safe?

Unblu’s Live Chat technology has undergone rigorous security reviews. The Unblu SecureFlowManager (SFM) ensures that security and confidentiality are not compromised at any point during interactions.

What is the difference between live chat and chatbot?

With chatbots, the customer is essentially talking to a computer that has been pre-programmed with answers. With live chat, customers speak to a human advisor via a digital platform. Both solutions can be combined in a unique conversational interface for customers.

How do I get live chat on my website?

The nature of your Unblu setup depends on the deployment model you choose, whether that’s a cloud-based or on-premise solution. For more information, see here

How much does live chat cost?

Live chat has the potential to radically reduce customer support costs. For example, before introducing live chat, one of the biggest retail bank in Switzerland spent more than 15 minutes on each email related to a customer issue. With live chat, this was reduced to just 8 minutes.

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