Agent Desk

One central dashboard to manage it all

Agents' roles and workflows demand a flexible control desk. Ours is 100% configurable, enabling businesses to continuously improve both the agent and customer experience.

Define Global Settings

Layout, languages, use cases, canned responses, field masking, etc. Everything is easily configurable.

Configure domains

Indicate where you will run Unblu. Create and manage the snippets easily.

Create users and teams

Replicate your structure easily and let your expert answer requests related directly to their areas of expertise.

Monitoring and statistics

Leverage business intelligence - use built-in stats to analyze and improve your business processes.

Create departments

Organise your agents into different teams based on skills, language, expertise, or even location.

Integrate internal systems

Using Unblu API, integrate with internal systems to deliver key information for day-to-day work.

Monitor Agents in real time

Shift workloads and allocate resources in real-time, all with minimum training required.

Agent accountability

Log and map session rating feedback against each agent or team.

Audit trail

Easily access electronic records and use them to learn about your customer's behavior and queries.

Liberate yourself from your desk

Liberate yourself from your desk

Get work done where you need to. Start conversations on any platform–Mac, Windows, iOS or Android.


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