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Agent Desk

One central dashboard to manage it all

Agents' roles and workflows demand a flexible control desk. Ours is 100% configurable, enabling businesses to continuously improve both the agent and customer experience.




Incoming conversation requests from visitors and customers appear in the queue, to wait for an agent to pick it up.



The inbox is where agents and advisors manage ongoing conversations. 

Scheduled conversations

Scheduled conversations

Scheduled conversations is where agents can organize their next engagement. Conversations are organized by dates/times. 

Unblu empowers your agents with configurable shortcuts and canned responses

Customer support is a delicate balance between speed and quality of service. Thus, Unblu has invested significant efforts to improve it’s shortcuts and canned responses. Why?

Canned responses

Canned responses

According to a Brainscape study, people lose on average 2 sec per minutes of work by using their mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts. This translate into 8 days of work per year.

With the latest version of Unblu, you can reduce time spend typing:

  • Simple answers with configurable canned responses
  • Complex answers with configurable placeholders inside canned responses.

Up to 16 placeholders to sustain complex sentences

Presorted by language to match each conversation

Easily accessible by any agent



Unblu empowers your agents with configurable shortcuts to speed up navigation

Proactive compliance

View of the recording

Each layer of the conversation can be recorded and made available for the financial institution and the customer. Our flexible solution allows you to define where you want to initiate the recording of a conversation.

Recording hub

Conversation records are stored as MP4 file and are available to authorized users only. Records are kept for a year in a secure database or exported into your own infrastructure.

Are you an Unblu admin?

Account settings Account settings

Define global settings

Layout, languages, use cases, canned responses, field masking, etc. Everything is easily configurable.

Account settings Account settings

Create users and teams

Replicate your structure easily by organizing your agents into different teams based on skills, language, expertise, or even location.

Account settings Account settings

Configure domains

Indicate where you will run Unblu. Create and manage the snippets easily.

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