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Cloud or On-Premises?
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Unblu Financial Cloud

Remain compliant, speed up Unblu implementation and reduce running and maintenance costs. Our financial cloud is fully ISO 27001: 2013 certified and it is compliant with the FINMA Guidelines of Circular 2008/7 and of the SFBC Circular 2005/2 No. 87.


By default, Unblu offers a set up in OpenShift based on Kubernetes, an open-source technology for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Unblu features

The same features are available in the cloud and on-premises. We will help you to choose the best solution according to your requirements and specifications. There is a summary of the main features included in the Unblu suite. Activate all or just some.

Embedded co-browsing

Collaborate with the customer with cross-domain co-navigation

Universal co-browsing

Navigate together, viewing any public or private site on the web

Document co-browsing

Collaborate and guide customers through complex documentation

Video & voice

Offer personal, attentive one-on-one support

Secure messenger

An asynchronous channel for ongoing conversations

Live chat

Provide outstanding customer care and support in real-time

Mobile SDK

Enables all Unblu functionalities within native mobile Apps

SecureFlow manager

Highly secured applications can be safely accessed and co-browsed

Security & Compliance

Product Security
Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile Unblu uses existing authentication mechanisms already in place in the on premise infrastructure of the customer.
SSL Encryption All Unblu communication is secured through https. On premise, Unblu is architected to leverage existing security infrastructure (WAF, Reverse Proxy) and functions behind the SSL termination of an e-banking environment.
Sensitive information redaction HTML fields marked as ‘Password’ are automatically protected. Content can be excluded or protected by simply adding a HTML attribute.
Privacy mode In private mode the other party can no longer follow activity. Useful when clients want the agent's view masked.
Blacklisting and whitelisting of URLs The administrator can configure the system to either blacklist certain URLs so they cannot be visited, or whitelist so that only specified URLs can be visited, during a Universal Co-browsing session.
Secure archiving The structural information, along with any messenger data (text, media, files), of every Conversation is stored in a database, which can be extracted using the Unblu Web API to be archived.
Video and voice recording Audio and video conversations are an integrated feature of Unblu. They are conducted through built in Browser Capability leveraging WebRTC. Video sessions are encrypted end to end and can be recorded. Recordings can be encrypted using a public/private key pair.
Regulatory compliance On-premise solutions run within your infrastructure. Giving you complete control over data flow, data storage and overall security. (GDPR, Finma, Mifid 2, etc.)


  • Onboarding package

    We will guide you through the methodology that we’ve tested and improved over 120 implementations in financial services.

  • Training sessions

    If you want to implement the solution yourself we have training sessions available for your team.

  • Certified partner network

    You can rely on one of our certified partners, we will be happy to introduce them to you

  • Premium support service

    All our Enterprise customers have access to our Premium Support Service

Finance Service Focus

We partner with the main front-end solution providers in the financial industry. Companies like Temenos, Crealogix, Backbase, Avaloq, ebankIT or Finastra use Unblu. We have a lot of experience together.

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