Conversational Banking

Real Conversations for a Meaningful Customer Experience


Customers want the convenience and practicality of online and omnichannel banking, but they also want personal interaction. Quite simply, they want to be able to speak with their bank.

A meaningful conversation

  • Happens anytime and anywhere
  • Makes things easier and simpler
  • Leverages technology to build trusting relationships


A more human approach

We believe in a more human approach to conversational banking that reflects the way customers are incorporating banking activities in their daily lives. Banking is not a single action. It can’t be completely carried out on mobile, by video or in person. It’s a combination of all of these interactions—and that requires both high tech and high touch.

Hybrid conversational banking

At Unblu, we’ve developed a hybrid-model of conversational banking that goes further than just bot-based interactions. The best conversations involve people on both sides, with assistance and guidance from technology. In this context, conversational banking brings together the processing power, storage ability and connectivity of technology together with the human ability to connect and converse with another person. With the Unblu interface, conversations are optimized with the latest in AI capabilities and humanized by a real exchange, built on trust and expertise.

The Unblu Conversational layer

The Unblu Conversational layer

  • Leverages a bank’s existing technology and infrastructure
  • Fills in the gaps to integrate offline and online channels
  • Integrates each part of the customer journey seamlessly

Communicate & collaborate in one conversation space


Remain relevant for your customers

Clients want a trusted relationship they can count on for personal advice. Secure Messenger provides a secure space for these important online conversations between clients and advisors. Managers can stay in touch with clients with the natural, ongoing conversational style of texting. Messenger can be implemented as a stand-alone app or can be added into an existing app.

Make every conversation count

Unblu’s conversational interface can turn investment research efforts into a collaborative and helpful exchange. Instead of a client browsing and conducting research on their own, a relationship manager can proactively reach out, using one of Unblu’s conversational features.

Collaborate with them at any step

To enhance the conversation further, the advisor can share research with a client using the co-browsing feature. Together they can navigate through websites and documents. The advisor can answer questions in real time using messenger or video chat while providing the client with documents from multiple sources, all within the space of one conversation—and one click.

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A smooth transition to human help

A smooth transition to human help

With Unblu, the pivot from self-service to an agent or relationship manager is simple. With one-click, the customer benefits from the convenience and efficiency of automated service and human help. With this hybrid style of conversing, interactions can improve satisfaction and loyalty.

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