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Connect with customers in a secure and personal way

What is secure video chat

From Skype to FaceTime, video call is now part of everyday life and banks can benefit from its power and popularity too. With customers able to talk to advisors face-to-face using a phone or computer, video chat makes expert advice available to everyone, wherever they are. For consumers, it’s convenient, intuitive, and engaging. For banks, it’s cost-effective and efficient.

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Benefits of video chat advice and support

Video chat allows advisors and customers to connect via video call, eliminating the need to come into the branch but remaining personal and human.


  • Personalized service

    Customers can call whenever suits them, according to their personal schedule. Advice is delivered in real-time in the natural and intuitive context of a conversation. Help has a human face, which brings added reassurance. And guidance is customized to the client’s unique needs. A personalized service like this builds trust, which is essential in financial transactions.

  • Secure communication

    Security is a number one concern for customers when it comes to dealing with their bank. They need to know that any exchange regarding financial transactions is compliant. Video calls are encrypted, recorded, and archived. They can be retrieved later, if necessary, by financial regulators. Plus geo-location restricts data processing to servers in certain geographical regions, ensuring all communication is secure and compliant.

  • Connect and build relationships

    Video chat harnesses the power of human connection. Technology has many advantages but when it comes to relationships, people do it best. Automated self-service can alienate customers. Video chat allows them to speak to a real person whose aim is to solve their issue, not push products. It’s reassuring and familiar and the result is a strong and trusting relationship.

  • Reduce churn rate

    Combine with a co-browsing feature and resolutions are even quicker. Advisors can solve issues faster when they can see exactly what the customer is seeing and where they’re encountering problems. Customers experience a personalized and streamlined service and their issues are dealt with quickly and 


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How does video chat work

Video chat allows advisors to address a customer’s query in a personalized and engaging manner while profiting from features like co-browsing to further enhance the process.

  • To begin a video chat session, the visitor can use the software to call directly. Or they might begin an ordinary chat session with an advisor, decide they would rather speak to someone face-to-face, and then click the video icon to start a video call. Advisors are also able to initiate the video call, allowing them to take the initiative when required.
  • The customer will then be asked for more information in order for their request to be prioritized and assigned to the best advisor for the job. This will depend on the nature of the problem and the advisor’s current workload. This triaging process ensures maximum efficiency with calls being sent to the advisor best equipped to handle them.
  • Video chat allows visual troubleshooting. Advisors can activate screen sharing or co-browsing in order to see what the customer is doing. Rather than giving generic advice, advisors can then offer support that is specific to their unique customer journey.
  • Once the video chat session ends, the conversation must be encrypted and securely archived. The encrypted conversation includes a full customer history, recorded calls, and video chat sessions. This process makes video chat fully compliant with all financial regulations and the information can be retrieved at a later date if a customer makes a claim.


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Types of video chat

The type of video chat that is necessary will depend on the device where communication will take place - whether that’s a computer or mobile phone. The make of device - Windows, Android, or iOS - will also determine the type of video chat used.

Computer-based video chat refers to video call software like Skype or Webex. These video call solutions require customers to download software. Browser-based video chat, on the other hand, doesn’t require any installations or downloads. Calls take place on the browser itself which eliminates the effort of downloading and any other potential friction. The conversational interface is kept smooth and streamlined.

It goes without saying that security is of the highest priority. Any video chat sessions must be secure and compliant. Conversations are encrypted and geo-location is used to restrict processing to servers in certain geographical regions. When activated, co-browsing software masks sensitive information. Finally, a full session audit trail of all interactions gives advisors, clients, and regulators access to key data.

The device a customer uses to communicate with their bank depends on where they are. If they’re on the go, they’ll be using their mobile. At home, they’re more likely to use their computer. Different applications enable customers to reach their advisor via video chat on whatever device they’re using. Additionally, Windows, iOS and Android all have different hardware, browser, and software requirements.


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