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unblu’s mobile co-browsing set to revolutionize real time consultation for banks

Mobile banking is becoming increasingly prevalent and banks are keen to utilize the mobile channel to engage with and sell to as many of their clients as possible. unblu’s mobile co-browsing is designed to facilitate exactly this.

Mobile as an additional channel for real time customer consultation, presents countless opportunities for financial institutes wishing to differentiate themselves and promote true customer centric solutions. The majority of clients will still use their PC at home to fill in complex forms such as loan applications.  However, they will also welcome the opportunity of guidance via their mobile device in the lead up to their decision to do so. The situation is a win win, as the bank is now enabled to drive an opportunity through direct customer contact, increasing value and the opportunity for developing sales revenue.

While there are already some vendors providing live engagement solutions supporting the ways in which smart phones are used in retail, unblu’s technology has been specifically developed to support clients making financial decisions and using bespoke banking apps.

The solution is fully integrated into the security of the mobile app itself, ruling out concerns about the safety of data when mobile banking and using mobile payment technologies, as they demonstrated at finovate two weeks ago.

If you were unable to attend finovateEurope in February, the video of a live demo of the ground-breaking mobile co-browsing technology can be viewed here.

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