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unblu and mongoose announce integration partnership

Mongoose extends their set of advanced and bespoke IT solutions to include unblu’s collaboration suite.

The combination of the tailor made services on offer from mongoose coupled with unblu’s technology, a collaboration suite including an industry leading video solution, live-chat and co-browsing functionalities, allows enterprises worldwide to address the key competitive challenges they face in the ever changing digital world today.

We are excited to partner with unblu to enable our clients to accelerate their digital initiatives.

Mário Amaral, partner at mongoose

unblu’s live assistance technology is the most established of its kind and particularly within regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and insurances. It fundamentally changes the way in which these businesses are able to interact with their customers, driving their digital agenda forward and enabling them to gain advantage in performance and differentiate themselves from their competition.

The integration with mongoose, whose focus it is to, create consumer experiences that give rise to better results, is a perfect fit for clients wishing to marry proven consultancy services with state of the art technology to gain an edge within their sector.

“As a company whose customers rely on them to consistently assist with innovation and ground breaking customer web experiences, it's fantastic that mongoose chose unblu’s collaboration suite to bring service differentiating Co Browsing, Chat and Video Chat experiences to their clients" says José Valcarce, CSO at unblu

Both companies believe strongly in the power of digital and harnessing that power while maintaining a human-centred approach and delivering the best results and solutions possible for their clients.

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