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Ibermática will partner with unblu to advance digital customer service

Ibermática and unblu have reached a partnership agreement which will introduce a new suite of digital customer collaboration capabilities to Ibermática clients. The unblu solution allows a customer service agent and his client to get in touch through web chat, while simultaneously browsing the website. Sharing files as well as extending the interaction to a video chat are also possible. With these capabilities, the agent provides the client with more effective help in completing an online transaction or solving a service question quickly.

Our aim is to help agents create positive client experiences that are fun to use.

Luc Haldimann, CEO of unblu

Although customers now have access to a large amount of digital resources, online channels often lead to abandonment and require guidance or advice to result in a successful experience. To solve this problem Ibermática has reached an agreement to become a solution integrator for the unblu collaboration suite, the market leader for online customer collaboration in Financial Services.

The unblu solution enables organizations to interact with visitors of their websites in real time, guiding customers through their digital journey to the successful completion of a business transaction. With this, unblu helps companies rationalize their physical presence and offer a high level of customer service through centralized and virtual service centers. With live participation, the abandonment of transactions is significantly reduced and online conversion rates and revenues increase.

For Laura Arranz, Digital Marketing Manager and Partner and Alliances Marketing Manager of Ibermática, one of the strengths of this suite is the compliance with data confidentiality standards.

With unblu the flow of data between the client and the web application remains unchanged. This means that all security certification already acquired by the client application is maintained. Non-sensitive text on the client screen is displayed to the agent, while confidential data can be hidden.

Laura Arranz, Digital Marketing Manager Ibermática

Unblu does not require any software installation or installation of a plugin. It runs in modern browsers and is also available on mobile devices. The only content that is being shared is browser content which ensures no content on your machine beyond the browser page is accessible or visible to the agent.

Luc Haldimann, CEO of unblu ads: "unblu is aimed at supporting knowledge workers with a simple and effective collaboration interface that only requires minimum training. Our aim is to help agents create positive client experiences that are fun to use. We are excited to now work together with Ibermática to further the geographical footprint of our solution”.

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