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Direct Medica simplifies physician training with unblu co-browsing

Direct Medica, the leading call center operator for the health care sector in France, simplifies compliant physician training using web based eLearning modules in conjunction with unblu co-browsing.

Direct Medica provides pharmaceutical companies with solutions to efficiently and cost-effectively promote or sell their products to healthcare professionals. Direct Medica has also developed leading edge expertise in patient coaching and disease management. One aspect of Direct Medicas business is physician training for drugs on behalf of large pharma companies, a process highly regulated through the French and European medicine agencies.

For Direct Medica, unblu offered the perfect solution to support the call center agent in their daily task of training physicians on the effects of drugs. Unlike screensharing, unblu ensures that only the approved eLearning content is presented to the physician in the training, as only the content of the web based eLearning application is shared between agent and physician. In addition, the physician does not have to download any software and can consume the training on any internet enabled device, be it PC, tablet or even smartphone. For more information on Direct Medicas business, please visit

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