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CONSEIN partners with Unblu to deliver an omnichannel service in Central America and the Caribbean

CONSEIN, a major service provider in the area of information technology and the name behind various digital transformation projects in Venezuela, Central America, and the Caribbean, with 34 years of market experience, partners with Unblu, a Swiss leader in communication and collaboration solutions for the financial sector. 

In a gesture of firm commitment to innovation in financial customer service, CONSEIN will market and implement Unblu's solutions in Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. This agreement will allow banks and insurance companies in the region to significantly improve their advisory, support, and sales services through online channels.

The services include live chat, secure messaging, and video and voice solutions for advisors to respond to doubts and questions raised by clients. The main strength of Unblu's solutions is that the applications enable hybrid experiences. Through the same interface, customers can solve simple doubts through bots or be transferred to specialists if the complexity of the issue warrants it. This omnichannel solution allows users to choose how they interact with their financial institution, having the option to change the channel and device if they wish. All these solutions are integrated with web and mobile channels so users aren’t obliged to download any additional software to use them.

Complementing available communication channels, CONSEIN and Unblu offer joint online navigation between the advisor and the client allowing for precise explanations that can resolve all of the user's doubts. Both parties can comment on issues or cases by sharing the same application, web, or document, highlighting that which is relevant to the discussion.

This system provides a secure and proven solution for a complete digital experience in the financial sector. In just one year, the system allows the subscriber to increase access to scheduled customer meetings by 4 times and reduce customer service call costs by 50%.

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