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Unblu for Insurance: Create meaningful customer journeys

In this webinar, we discuss how to put the customer at the heart of your strategy. Why? Because most customers interact with their insurer less than once a year.

With so few customer interactions, it’s critical that insurers deliver these experiences well. Each interaction needs to be treated like a critical moment of truth, especially in the claims process, where insurers often have to prove themselves.

So, what makes a positive experience? Convenience, personalization, human interaction, and reassurance. These meaningful experiences occur when the customer can seamlessly weave in and out of automated and human interactions.


  • Introduction
    • Today’s Insurance Challenges
    • What does “meaningful customer journeys” mean?
  • Introduction to Unblu & the Conversational Platform
  • Live Demo
    • Advising Prospects and Customers & Winning Business
    • Improving the Claims Process
    • Other Scenarios: Onboarding & Support Q&A
  • Q&A
Presented by
Danny Baggs
Danny Baggs Director of Marketing UK at Unblu
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