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Co-Browsing: the ultimate guide

Secure & Profitable Online Engagement for the Financial Sector

“Co-browsing technology is rarely used outside industries like financial services and telecoms, but it merits wider implementation. Application leaders supporting customer service should consider it a hidden gem for enabling differentiation and bridging the gap between human- and AI-driven interaction” (Gartner).

Using co-browsing, banks can fill in this gap between online self-service interaction and traditional communication methods.  We’ve seen time and time again that this "missing link" between the online and the offline world has a direct effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion, and customer loyalty.  In this white paper, we’ll explore some of these benefits that result from using Unblu solutions.

  1. The Future of Chat-Based Engagement

    The Future of Chat-Based Engagement

    Text-based and chat engagement is a great way to support customers, but brands must learn exactly where and how this is most effective. Forrester’s latest report unmasks the latest trend in digital CX.

  2. Client support and service via Live Chat and WhatsApp
    Case Study

    Client support and service via Live Chat and WhatsApp

    Acting as the main client service interface for Swiss Post agents, Unblu enables diverse means of engagement through either embedded features or dedicated APIs. The implementation of WhatsApp marks the latest milestone in this ongoing project, which also includes phone support, live chat, and written requests.

  3. Private Banking in Belgium
    Case Study

    Private Banking in Belgium

    A leading private bank in Belgium implemented Unblu co-browsing to augment the way advisors sell products through their banking websites.

  4. Supporting local customers with their financial goals
    Case Study

    Supporting local customers with their financial goals

    Discover how SZKB and 80% of Swiss Cantonal Banks are using Unblu co-browsing solutions to enable call center agents to increase efficiency and quality of service.

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