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unblu Co-Browsing: the ultimate guide

Secure & Profitable Online Engagement for the Financial Sector

“Co-browsing technology is rarely used outside industries like financial services and telecoms, but it merits wider implementation. Application leaders supporting customer service should consider it a hidden gem for enabling differentiation and bridging the gap between human- and AI-driven interaction” (Gartner).


Using co-browsing, banks can fill in this gap between online self-service interaction and traditional communication methods.  We’ve seen time and time again that this "missing link" between the online and the offline world has a direct effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion, and customer loyalty.  In this white paper, we’ll explore some of these benefits that result from using unblu solutions.

  1. unblu Suite: Advisory Use Case

    unblu Suite: Advisory Use Case

    Discover how banks can keep customer conversations open, interesting and relevant.

  2. unblu Suite Overview
    Fact Sheet

    unblu Suite Overview

    Know all about unblu suite. Discover how more than 100 financial institutions are delivering an in-person experience online (Secure Messenger, Co-browsing, LiveView Chat, Video and Voice calls, etc.).

  3. The road to success in financial services

    The road to success in financial services

    Banks have to establish mechanisms to remain close to their customers by supporting and advising them on their customer journey.

  4. Co-browsing implementation in the financial sector

    Co-browsing implementation in the financial sector

    Discover how one of the leading Swiss banks has implemented co-browsing for improving customer support and promoting transactions.

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