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The Role of the Financial Advisor

Facing MiFID II Challenges and Bridging Customer Disconnect

Clients have made it clear: they want banks to guide them in their future decisions and provide personalized, meaningful advice. These growing customer expectations are happening against a backdrop of sweeping changes in regulations. These two factors will shape the future of the industry. Digital tools can help banks revitalize the customer experience into something truly relevant while fulfilling compliance requirements.  

Unblu resolves these two issues with ease and simplicity. The software’s features fulfill these new levels of transparency for regulators while bridging the satisfaction gap between a client and an advisor. When a client and their advisor can see one another in real time, share documents, and communicate naturally via text, their interactions become a lot more genuine and relevant. The relationship improves and the quality of the client’s experience increases exponentially. Find out more about how Unblu is helping banks transform their customer experience and fulfill their compliance requirements.

  1. Unblu for Brokers
    Fact Sheet

    Unblu for Brokers

    Clients who receive a positive experience from your service overwhelmingly turn into your greatest advocates. However, those same clients also want and expect smooth digital experiences that offer them a personal and convenient service and will have no problem turning to a competitor if their expectations are not met.

  2. Take the pain out of claims

    Take the pain out of claims

    Within this whitepaper, you will find out how the right blend of convenience and personalized human interaction will provide your customers with the reassurance they seek and a positive experience they desire.

  3. Unblu Secure Text Messaging: the ultimate guide
    Fact Sheet

    Unblu Secure Text Messaging: the ultimate guide

    Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience.

  4. Beyond Bots: Real Conversations for a Meaningful Customer Experience

    Beyond Bots: Real Conversations for a Meaningful Customer Experience

    Customers want convenience and practicality, but they also want personal interaction. They want to ask questions and they want the expertise of a trusted advisor. Quite simply, they want to talk to a real person.

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