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Humanizing Online Customer Experience

Discover in our new FactSheet how in-person customer engagement solutions can help banks to convert and engage customers by increasing their sales through all channels, increasing customer loyalty and getting a higher differentiation


  • Increase sales through all channels. The improvement in customer experience directly impacts brand reputation, which translates into sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty. This is relevant since banks dedicate a lot of resources and efforts to acquire new customers, but sometimes they neglect their current customer. Several studies indicate that companies that invest in Customer Experience retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to 33% of those that do not.
  • Get a greater differentiation with respect to the competition. In markets with high competition, where differentiation by offer is sometimes complicated, caring for user experience is crucial to increase the perceived quality of the overall service provided.



  1. Unblu for Brokers
    Fact Sheet

    Unblu for Brokers

    Clients who receive a positive experience from your service overwhelmingly turn into your greatest advocates. However, those same clients also want and expect smooth digital experiences that offer them a personal and convenient service and will have no problem turning to a competitor if their expectations are not met.

  2. Take the pain out of claims

    Take the pain out of claims

    Within this whitepaper, you will find out how the right blend of convenience and personalized human interaction will provide your customers with the reassurance they seek and a positive experience they desire.

  3. Unblu Secure Text Messaging: the ultimate guide
    Fact Sheet

    Unblu Secure Text Messaging: the ultimate guide

    Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience.

  4. Beyond Bots: Real Conversations for a Meaningful Customer Experience

    Beyond Bots: Real Conversations for a Meaningful Customer Experience

    Customers want convenience and practicality, but they also want personal interaction. They want to ask questions and they want the expertise of a trusted advisor. Quite simply, they want to talk to a real person.

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