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Humanise your Digital Member Experience

Return to your mutual roots and provide a reassuring digital experience

More and more of life is taking place online, including taking care of financial matters. While this technological progress brings greater convenience and efficiency, are we in danger of losing the important human element of empathy?

As mutual organisations, building societies claim to be member-centric. However, most have yet to prioritise meaningful interactions with their members, limiting their ability to create a member experience that builds trust and loyalty.

Download our free 15-page whitepaper to understand:

  • How technological progress has transformed the member experience.
  • How new competitors are emerging to take advantage of these advances.
  • How traditional players can adjust their strategies and value propositions.
  • What true member-centricity looks like.
  • How Unblu can empower building societies in this new context.
  1. Pax Insurance - Enhancing Hybrid Consulting
    Case Study

    Pax Insurance - Enhancing Hybrid Consulting

    Pax Insurance, a leading Insurance provider in Switzerland has selected Unblu to support them in enhancing both its direct sales and broker network strategy.

  2. The 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

    The 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

    Based on observations, events and stats from the forefront of private banking, Unblu’s 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook offers a roadmap to help strategists and executives orient their teams in uncharted territory.

  3. Thinking outside the bots

    Thinking outside the bots

    Customers definitely want the convenience of digital and omnichannel banking, but they also want personal interaction.

  4. The State of Digital Banking 2022

    The State of Digital Banking 2022

    Learn what banks are doing, what they’re not doing, and identify the opportunities for future-proofing your organization’s offering.

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