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The 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

The forces and figures shaping the future of private banking

In wealth management, the digital revolution has coincided with a historic shift in client demographics—and a result, the skyline of industry is drastically changing shape. Today, we’re witnessing the rise of unexpected partnerships, complex questions of cybersecurity, and cryptocurrencies as an in-demand asset class for the mainstream investor. Amid a complex ecosystem of social change and client expectations, these are just a few of the emergent trends that firms must keep on their radars.

Based on observations, events and stats from the forefront of private banking, Unblu’s 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook offers a roadmap to help strategists and executives orient their teams in uncharted territory.

What you will learn

  • Discover core insights on the emergent ‘mass affluent market’—and the opportunities this presents for innovative firms.
  • Locate the in-demand advisory services and investment products wanted by the wealth market of tomorrow.
  • Understand with the pillars of disruptive client experiences in private banking to refine your digital CX strategy.
  • Get the facts on how employment, partnerships and acquisitions are evolving in wealth management and prepare for the road ahead.
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