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Salesforce App Exchange Boost productivity by augmenting Salesforce capabilities
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About Salesforce App Exchange

Elevate your Salesforce experience with the Unblu app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Our solution boosts agent productivity and customer satisfaction by augmenting Salesforce chat and phone calls with co-browsing capabilities. Equip your agents with crucial visual context to expertly guide customers through your website, mobile app, or documents—no downloads required.

Key Benefits

  • Unlock the potential of the Unblu app with minimal configuration efforts. Our out-of-the-box app requires little setup during initial implementation and can be effortlessly maintained by Salesforce administrators for widespread deployment to various internal teams or configuration adjustments to meet evolving requirements.
  • Whether your agents are engaged in phone calls or live chats, empower them to navigate customers through relevant content using co-browsing. Quickly identify customer needs and offer real-time guidance and coaching across different demographics, enhancing the overall digital experience.
  • The Unblu app is a highly scalable solution that works with different objects in Salesforce such as Chat Transcript, Lead, Opportunity – allowing you to leverage the same technology for a variety of use cases and by different internal teams; streamline business processes across the organization by benefiting from the same platform.
  • Our integration with Salesforce enriches your 360-degree view of customers. Launch a co-browsing or voice/video call directly from relevant Salesforce pages, synchronizing all interactions and recordings (if needed) into Salesforce for future reference.


Enrich Salesforce chat with co-browsing and voice/video

The Unblu Agent Component seamlessly integrates with Salesforce chat transcript pages. Agents can generate a PIN or send a link to customers with just one click, enabling co-browsing instantly. For an optimal user experience, agents can also escalate Salesforce chat to an Unblu voice/video call during a co-browsing session.

Augment existing phone calls with co-browsing

The Unblu Agent Component supports various Salesforce objects, including Lead and Opportunity. Agents at the contact center can initiate a co-browsing session with customers during phone calls, utilizing the “Create PIN” button added to relevant pages. This ensures agents have complete context based on details captured on lead/opportunity pages while assisting customers on the website via co-browsing.

Optimize Salesforce report and dashboard with Unblu Conversation data

Every co-browsing session’s data is synchronized into Salesforce as Unblu Conversations, linked to relevant objects. With enabled recording, agents and supervisors can access recordings via links in the Unblu Conversation objects. Utilize Unblu Conversation data to enrich existing analytics, monitoring trends in Average Handling Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and other key performance indicators (KPIs) alongside Unblu co-browsing and voice/video calls.


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