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Wealth & Asset Management Forum (US)

New York, November 9th 2022

Keeping up with change is no longer enough to thrive. Wealth and asset management business models are undergoing substantial disruption, driven by client behavior, technology, product innovation, and new regulations. Wealth and asset management firms must anticipate and embrace the shifting reality with new operating models, active investment in staff, infrastructure, and new partnerships. Firms that miss the window for transformation or choose the wrong places to invest won’t just lose market share: They will become targets for those that changed faster.

The Wealth & Asset Management will provide insights into the four essential disruptive factors and what to do about them: digital tools, product evolution (direct indexing, ESG, private markets, digital assets, and more), regulation, and technology. You will be joined by executives leading innovation and transformation within their firms who will describe how their firms are positioned for growth in 2023 and beyond.

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