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Screen Sharing

Connect and collaborate with screen sharing

Screen sharing transforms a conversation by providing both a visual context and the chance to interact visually. This engages customers, helps advisors solve problems faster, and creates a meaningful collaboration between the two.


See what your customers see

Screen sharing allows participants to share the content of their screens and watch as the other participant interacts with it.

Choose what you’d like to share

Participants can share part or all of their desktop, plus any media on their devices, without having to send or download files.

Keep track of what you share

Unblu can record screen sharing sessions. Keeping records of all investment conversations is essential in the scope of MiFID II.

How screen sharing can elevate customer service

Share internal applications 

Advisors can share a internal desktop application with clients as they see fit and it adds to the conversation. 

Give real-time feedback

Sharing documents such as draft proposals with customers, helps to respond to client requests in a relevant fashion. 

Understand your customers faster

Customers can also share information stored on their devices, helping the advisor to understand exactly what the customer is referencing.

Co-browsing recording enabled

Co-browsing recording enabled

Our conversation recording feature allows you to record all types of co-browsings independently of the support used (desktop, tablet or mobile phone).

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Improve support times and enhance engagement

  • Save advisors time

    When consulting or helping with financial planning, advisors can share documents and other applications, making the conversation more productive, efficient, and the overall advising process faster.

  • Elevated engagement

    Customers feel engaged and confident that their requests are being heard as they receive advice that is specific to their unique issue, building a trusting relationship.

  • Power up the experience

    Combined with Unblu video and voice call or Unblu secure text messenger, screen sharing offers the opportunity to take financial consultation to the next level.

  • Have meaningful conversations

    Screen sharing allows customers and advisors to have more meaningful and more human interactions while still retaining the convenience and efficiency of digital banking.

When to make the switch  to co-browsing?

When to make the switch to co-browsing?

Co-browsing allows advisors to join customers within their browsing session in real time, viewing and collaborating securely together on e-banking applications, customer portals, websites or documents.

When it comes to highly secure environments such as e-banking applications, co-browsing remains the best option as it is encrypted and secured to remain compliant.

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Empower both advisors and customers with Unblu

Unblu’s screen sharing solution combined with other Unblu channels such as co-browsing, voice & video calls, or secure messenger, empowers you to ensure every customer conversation counts.

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