Conversational AI & Live Chat

Empower your customers with personalized self-service – night or day, and assist your agents with real-time AI guidance.

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More efficiency. More loyalty.
More revenue.

Out-of-the-box chatbot deployment

No-fuss implementation and easy maintenance

Guided deployment

Specialist bot routing

Split delivery

No-code bot training and automation

The Unblu team is on hand to ensure efficient deployment without impacting service quality.

The smart Orchestrator examines customer intent to ensure the best specialist bot handles the request.

Lightning quick training validation before going into production.

Update common customer queries to configure the intent and improve performance.

The smart bot just got smarter with our GPT Extension for financial services

Unblu’s chatbot powered by Open AI for shorter sales cycles and enhanced FCR

Knowledge Bot

Leverage existing knowledge base with LLMs. One-click deployment.

Training support

Use the bot trainer assistant to create better intents – with appropriate responses.

Bot sidekick

Increase Live Chat efficiency with suggested responses that boost efficiency and maximize resolutions.

Give customers the experience they deserve

High satisfaction for long-term loyalty

Easy agent access

Need human support? Customers can move from bot to agent without breaking the flow.

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No-risk doc exchange

Share or exchange text messages, documents, files, or images in a secured location.

Escalate to video and voice

Transform the message conversation into a video or voice call without leaving the current channel.

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Enhance the conversation

All digital bells and whistles we know and love – including reactions, emojis, voice messages, and more.

Why Unblu

of support requests transferred to the new channels.

First Contact Resolution With Live Chat/WhatsApp. (Email = 35% / Phone = 40%)

Bot Resolution Rate

Agent productivity

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Client support and service via Chatbot & Live Chat

Discover key metrics around their call center capabilities as well as results achieved with Unblu.

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