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unblu gains market share in Austrian Banking scene

unblu and ARZ will together, enable Austrian banking customers with bespoke and secure live collaboration tools.

With the growing demand for online services, comes the need to foster outstanding collaborative relations between companies who excel at what they do and can work together to offer their clientele the very best of digital experiences.
Swiss-based live engagement software company unblu, and ARZ a leading ITO champion providing a managed solution portfolio for financial services institutions in Austria, are working together to offer their clients exactly this.

With the integration of unblu collaboration, clients will have access to a range of engagement solutions including chat, video, document sharing and co-browsing, said Markus Brejla of ARZ

ARZ run the banking infrastructure for over 20 Austrian banks, supporting their clients in the development and roll out of software solutions designed to modernise daily banking services. With solutions incorporating both standard software and in-house developments based on the most contemporary technologies available, their aim is to meet the requirements of international banking groups as well as those of smaller local banks.

Enter unblu, whose software can be seamlessly and securely integrated into existing banking structures of any dimension. Under the cooperation of the two companies, ARZ will offer the unblu live collaboration suite as a standard component within its infrastructure stack, making the offering available to all of its customers.

Our engagement solution offers limitless applications. End users can open a bank account online, assisted by a bank agent through all the necessary steps.  They can receive advice in real time from personal wealth managers, or simply get assistance with everyday online transfers  Luc Haldimann, CEO, unblu

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