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Unblu rolls out server farm in North America

A combination of dedicated server and distributed cloud infrastructure provides highest level of service around the world. unblu is proud to announce the availability of its North American server farm, located in the greater New York City area. With this latest addition to its computing infrastructure, unblu has now introduced geo-detection of service requests to ensure a co-browsing session is processed by the nearest computing service available.

While cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a high level of elasticity, high performance co-browsing tends to be very resource, especially memory hungry. This is why unblu has implemented a hybrid approach, using both cloud computing resources to guarantee service availability and its own dedicated server infrastructure to optimize performance.

“We are achieving almost infinite levels of resource elasticity through the use of AWS, but at the same time we were looking to do as much in memory computing as possible” explained Mirko Tschäni, CTO of unblu inc. “Our dedicated server farm in New York does all processing in memory without a spinning disc, providing customers with a seamless co-browsing experience. Our computing infrastructure requirements are actually not unlike internet gaming services, which also tend to build on a dedicated rather than shared infrastructure. In addition we are now geo-locating service requests and route the request to the next nearest machine available. This minimizes latency for our users and gives them an optimized user experience. Customers already came back to me and told me how stunned they were with the performance of the system!”

Geo-detection is now part of all unblu cloud product offerings. Experience co-browsing yourself and signup for a free trial below.

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