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unblu receives patent protection for 3rd generation co-browsing technology

As co-browsing becomes a key capability in online customer engagement, US PTO grants unblu patent protection for key innovation

unblu inc. a leader in live web customer engagement technology, announced today that the US patent office granted the company a patent vital for the development of latest generation co-browsing technology. The patent is listed under publication number US 839154 and is called “Remotely controlling a browser program”.

“This patent is the result of many years of innovation and persistent research & development work. We are delighted to see official recognition for the innovation work we are doing” said Luc Haldimann, CEO of unblu inc. “We have filed US 839154 back in 2007 and we have since fully commercialized this technology. We also filed additional patent applications which are currently pending to demonstrate our leadership in the field of collaborative customer interfaces, solidifying our leading position for robust, 3rd generation co-browsing solutions.”

The ability to collaborate with prospects and clients online, using existing web applications, e-commerce sites and web self service portals as the backdrop, has proven to become a true differentiator in service based economies. In a world where physical presence becomes less important and the expectation of universal availability of personalized service has become the norm, businesses are starting to allocate more and more expert resources to serve their online channels. unblu is at the forefront of this development, allowing its customers to use the web as a collaborative communication channel resulting in better client service, higher client satisfaction and increased sales.

With its robust 3rd generation approach, unblu enables co-browsing for highly dynamic webpages, which to date could not be served with 1st or 2nd generation approaches. Details of the patent can be found under http://www.uspto.gov

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