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unblu expands global computing platform

Thanks to rising customer demand, unblu now expanded its global cloud computing infrastructure with new capacity on the US west coast and in the Pacific Rim. With server capacity now present in central Europe, Northern Virginia, Northern California and Singpore, unblu serves customers around the globe with a high performance co-browsing experience.

“We have seen significant pickup in customer signups over the course of the last three months”, said Luc Haldimann, CEO of unblu. “In order to guarantee high service levels and system redundancy, we decided to expand our infrastructure in a way that minimizes overall latency for our clients, regardless from where they use our service.”

The unblu cloud leverages geolocation services to route a customer engagement session to the next nearest computing center available. unblu now also features a fully elastic cloud stack, which scales with customer demand. This most recent expansion concludes unblu´s global rollout efforts and marks a milestone in our development.

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