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Mobile co-browsing paving the way to ever more collaborative banking solutions

This week finovateEurope saw the release of unblu’s state of the art, mobile co-browsing solution.

The solution was developed and demonstrated by unblu Inc. and enables financial institutions to advise and sell to their customers in person via their mobile devices. It will ship to the general public with version 4.3, formal release date is May 2017.

Glance around any public space and there’s no denying that mobility and staying connected are integral parts of our everyday life. And with co-browsing now an essential part of a bank’s efforts to maintain personal relationships with their clients, the combination of digital engagement with customers, not only via call centers, but also through any mobile device, is a natural and inherent progression.

By allowing banks to leverage their existing mobile apps as an on ramp for a realtime human engagement, we enable them to further increase ROI on investments they have already made in online infrastructures or portfolio management systems for example,explains Luc Haldimann, CEO unblu Inc.

unblu’s solution makes their collaboration suite available for full use on mobile devices. The mature and proven feature set is now even more powerful. As an example, a customer logged into his banking application from his mobile device can engage with an agent directly via a call or chat and have them talk him through, or better yet co-view any page, form or process within the application, using that same device. 

While the customer may only have access to a small mobile screen, his agent will view the application from his regular workspace and can assist by pointing and guiding the client to the part of the app he needs, while simultaneously talking through his actions.

Really compelling customer service must be intuitive, emotionally rich and available exactly when needed. The more personal the interaction, the quicker the customer will be understood and the more efficient the support will be. Offering this service through mobile devices is a huge opportunity for financial institutions to create win-win scenarios with their valued customers.

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