Unblu 6 (latest)

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is one part of unblu’s underlying structure that allows you build and scale more quickly and easily. The OAS provides a common 'vocabulary' that is formal enough to be consumed by machines but simple enough to be read by humans.

But it’s not only simple enough to be read by humans who write code, it’s simple enough to be read by managers with limited technical knowledge. Thus, not only does it allow our developers to 'talk' to your developers it also allows your business strategists to see directly into the actual 'contracts' that represent the actions and interactions between you and your clients. So, apart from enabling unblu’s functionality, it helps to build internal communication 'bridges' between the differing knowledge domains that are required to define modern Web-based business. In principle, the same documentation that your staff can read can be used to automate API processes.


While our APIs allow you to quickly deploy functionality, pairing them with webhooks enables a 'two-way street' that allows you to access digital assets using minimum resources. Webhooks offer a more 'event-driven' approach to API consumption.