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This page contains the iOS mobile SDK release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

The release notes for the Unblu server and the Android mobile SDK are published separately.

iOS mobile SDK 3.8.3 Release Notes

Release date: 08 October 2021


  • MSDKIOS-251 - Enable library evolution support

New Feature / Improvement

  • MSDKIOS-248 - Provide iOS SDK builds with and without enabled bitcode

iOS mobile SDK 3.8.2 Release Notes

Release date: 07 September 2021


  • MSDKIOS-250 - WebView Logs content is swallowed

New Feature / Improvement

  • MSDKIOS-227 - Add a dialog if a URL is blocked for security reasons

  • MSDKIOS-244 - Add link click handler to mobile SDK

iOS mobile SDK 3.8.1 Release Notes

Release date: 23 July 2021

New Feature / Improvement

  • MSDKIOS-231 - iOS SDK support for SwiftUI and Scenes

iOS mobile SDK 3.8.0 Release Notes

Release date: 05 July 2021

New Feature / Improvement

  • MSDKIOS-207 - Add private areas

  • MSDKIOS-228 - Create API to define a new conversation interceptor

iOS mobile SDK 3.7.0 Release Notes

Release date: 07 May 2021

This is the first public release of version 3 of the iOS mobile SDK.