Unblu iOS Mobile SDK v3


The Unblu iOS Mobile SDK serves as a way to integrate the Unblu platform into native iOS apps.


  • Unblu Collaboration Server 6.33.x
  • iOS 12.0+



UnbluCallModule requires the OpenTok/Vonage iOS SDK.

Install OpenTok/Vonage into your Xcode project using Cocoapods:

pod 'OpenTok', '~> 2.0'


UnbluFirebaseNotificationModule requires the iOS Firebase SDK.

Install Firebase into your Xcode project using Cocoapods:

pod 'Firebase/Core', '~> 7.0'
pod 'Firebase/Messaging'

Known Issues

  • UIDocumentInteractionController will not work with Unblu co-browsing. This is because UIDocumentInteractionController is an instance of QLPreviewController and is actually rendered in a completely separate app with a separate process. It is therefore impossible for us to render any content displayed using UIDocumentInteractionController as part of co-browsing.