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This document describes version 6 of Unblu. If you’re using the latest major version of Unblu, go to the documentation of the latest version.

The support period for version 6 ended on 29 August 2023. We no longer provide support or updates for this version. You should upgrade to the latest version of Unblu.

Browser notifications

This article describes how to configure browser notifications in Unblu, and how users can opt in to browser notifications.


For browser notifications to work, you must set com.unblu.core.client.ui.notification.NotificationService.notificationDestination to BOTH or DESKTOP. If you set the configuration property to TOAST, users won’t be asked to opt in to browser notifications.

If you use automatic request dispatching for your queue, choose BOTH or agents won’t be able to accept incoming requests.

Furthermore, the user’s browser must support web notifications, and the user mustn’t have disabled web notifications in their browser’s settings.

Agent browser notifications

When an agent first interacts with the Agent Desk, Unblu displays a warning banner:

Agent browser notification warning banner
  • Clicking on Enable launches the browser’s notification opt-in dialog window. In Google Chrome the dialog window looks like this:

    Google Chrome browser notification opt-in dialog

    Agents can select Allow or Block to receive or disable browser notifications, respectively. Either way, Unblu won’t show the opt-in banner again.

    If the agent simply closes the opt-in dialog window, Unblu behaves as if they had clicked on Close in the warning banner.

  • Clicking on Close in the banner dismisses the banner without making a final decision about receiving notifications. If the agent receives a notification later on, Unblu displays an information banner:

    Agent browser notification information banner

    The Enable and Close buttons have the same effect as their counterparts in the warning banner.

You can change the text on the first notification banner with the following text properties:

  • com.unblu.core.client.ui.notification.NotificationService.notificationOptInTitle: The title is displayed in a bold font at the beginning of the banner.

  • com.unblu.core.client.ui.notification.NotificationService.notificationOptInText: The text appears after in a normal font after the title.

To change the text on the second notification banner, edit the text property com.unblu.core.client.ui.notification.NotificationService.notificationOptInNagText.

Visitor browser notifications

For visitors, Unblu displays a warning banner in the visitor UI once they have an active conversation:

Browser notification banner in the floating visitor UI

The banner is only displayed above an active conversation, not above the conversation overview.

  • If a visitor clicks on the button with the check icon Check icon, their browser will display its native notification opt-in dialog window.

  • If they click on the button with the cross icon Cross icon, Unblu hides the banner. The next time the user’s in an active conversation, Unblu will display the banner again.

If you want to display a different text on the visitor notification banner, edit the text property com.unblu.visitor.notification.notificationOptInTitle.


Unblu stores agents' and visitors' interactions with the browser notification banners in the browser’s session storage.

The user’s decision whether to allow browser notifications or not is stored in the browser’s settings.

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