Unblu 4.1

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Unblu EDBS Setup

1. Introduction

EDBS is the finnova authentication and authorization system for their e-banking software. To make use of the finnova EDBS system unblu provides a EDBS enabled version.

Within the EDBS authorisation system a user can get the right to do co-browsing with unblu. For further informations regarding the EDBS authorisation settings please contact finnova.

2. Configure unblu for use with the EDBS system

To enable unblu for the EDBS authentication and authorisation system the host and port to the EDBS server(s) needs to be configured:

"" (Unblu Server Configuration Reference


3. Using the EDBS logging system

When unblu is configured to use the EDBS system it is also possible to enable logging into the EDBS system. This can be achieved by setting

"com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.loggingEnabled" (Unblu Server Configuration Reference EDBS#com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.loggingEnabled) to true.


Additional configuration properties regarding the EDBS logging:

"com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.sessionLnrCookieName" (Unblu Server Configuration Reference EDBS#com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.sessionLnrCookieName) for the sessionLnr cookie name as provided by finnova.

"com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.sessionLogActionCode" (Unblu Server Configuration Reference EDBS#com.unblu.enterprise.edbs.sessionLogActionCode) for the action code used in the EDBS logging system.


For a more detailed description on how to configure your EDBS logging system please contact finnova.