Unblu 4.1

unblu 4.1.23 Release Notes

The following Bugs were resolved in the release: 

  • [UNBLU-4279] (Fixed) - some localisation texts are missing
  • [UNBLU-4791] (Fixed) - Wrong text for certain UI dialogs
  • [UNBLU-4900] (Fixed) - Collaboration Session does not timeout when siteIntegration Participant closes window and never returns
  • [UNBLU-4909] (Fixed) - switching from chat to HB causes unexpected behavior
  • [UNBLU-4934] (Fixed) - "getSessionState" is fooled by local browser state
  • [UNBLU-4935] (Fixed) - Increase default dom cap node limit

The following features were added in the release: 

  • [UNBLU-4917] (Fixed) - Avoid sending additional requests to server after a 401 (or 403) has been received