Unblu 4.1

CobrowseDomain Permission

1.  Description

The "cobrowseDomain" permission grants the ability to co-browse on a certain domain (schema + fully qualified domain + optional port, i.e. to an agent. When ever an agent wants to start co-browsing, he needs the permission to co-browse on the domain the visitor is currently viewing.

2. Implicit policy

The implicit (default) policy grants the "cobrowseDomain" for all domains to any user in hold of the REGISTERED_USER role.

3. External policy

In order to use the "cobrowseDomain" permission in an external policy for , the implicit policy needs to be disabled with the following configuration property (see Unblu Server Configuration )

# add the setting below to your unblu configuration

In the external policy the "cobrowseDomain" permission has the following format

# extract of an permissionOverlay file
  <role name="ROLENAME">
      <coBrowseDomain origin=""/>

See Advanced Authorization for details about how external policies are enabled.