Session Rating


unblu has a star-based rating system which allows visitors to rate their support-session experience with their agent from 1 to 5 stars. These ratings are then available within the statistics module, and the statistics export to CSV files, for further evaluation. Alternatively, you may set your own content for the ratings dialog.

Rating Dialog

The modal ratings dialog presents 5 clickable stars which allow a visitor to enter their rating. The modal ratings dialog appears after a session end dialog.

A user can then select from 1 to 5 stars and press OK to submit the rating or press escape or select cancel if they do not want to add a rating. No rating for the session will be recorded unless the OK button is selected.

Custom Rating Dialog

Alternatively, if you want to incorporate your own rating system, or link to another web page such as an extended survey, you can also configure your own rating dialog that will be displayed instead of unblu's 5-star rating dialog.

Session Rating Configuration

com.unblu.collaborationsession.ratesession Configuration Property: Enable or disable the session rating dialog.
com.unblu.core.client.ui.dialog.RateSessionDialog.rateSessionTitle Text Property: Text for alternative title in the rate session dialog.
com.unblu.core.client.ui.dialog.RateSessionDialog.externalRatingHTML Text Property: HTML code for an alternative body in the rate-session dialog, for instance for links to a survey page.
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