CSS Selectors Level 3 Limitations

This section indicates the current state of support of CSS Selectors Level 3 in unblu co-browsing. Selectors listed in the "Supported" section are known to work properly in unblu, whereas selectors listed in "Unsupported" have not been tested yet. Selectors not listed in any list are likely unsupported.

Selector Example selector Support status
Substring matching attribute selectors [att^=val] (prefix match)
[att$=val] (suffix match)
[att*=val] (substring match
Root of the document E:root Green_Tick
nth child E:nth-child(n) Green_Tick
nth last child E:nth-last-child(n) Green_Tick
nth of type E:nth-of-type(n) Green_Tick
nth last of type E:nth-last-of-type(n) Green_Tick
first / last child of parent E:first-child

first / last of type E:first-of-type

only child E:only-child Green_Tick
only of type E:only-of-type Green_Tick
empty E:empty Green_Tick
checked user interface E:checked Green_Tick
"not" match selector E:not(s) Green_Tick
general sibling combinator E ~ F Green_Tick
Selector Example selector Support status
URI target E:target icon_forbidden (works syntactically but has not been tested in co-browsing sessions)
enabled / disabled user interface elements E:enabled

icon_warning_1 (works syntactically but usually all user interface elements in unblu are disabled - if styled differently, the agent has a different view than the visitor)
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