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From solo to collaborative decision-making: how co-browsing helps the investor

Investors want seamless interactions, and even more so, they want seamless advice. When it comes to understanding an investment opportunity, they don’t want to have to hop between downloading documents from their inbox, finding their notes from a phone call with their advisor, and searching their own browsing history. It’s time-consuming and inefficient.

To make the seamless investing experience a reality, it has to be easy for the client to find information, engage with their advisor, and make decisions.  While investors are conducting online research solo, two-thirds of wealth-managers are spending the majority of their time on client acquisition and onboarding. Their ability to provide advice and spend time with clients play a major role in retention. No doubt, there’s also the client expectation for the advisor to prove they are helping clients reach their financial goals. The solo investor hours spent in an effort to be well-informed represent an opportunity for the advisor to do just that.

A co-browsing tool can turn an investor’s information gathering efforts into a collaborative and helpful exchange, allowing the advisor to consolidate information and share documents within a secure online conversation.  Co-browsing allows two or more people to simultaneously navigate a website, a document or a e-banking application. A session is kicked off when one user gives another user the permission to remotely navigate on their browser.

When a client calls their wealth advisor, this is a golden moment for the advisor to go beyond explaining their portfolio update and proactively educate their client about a new investment opportunity.  Rather than relying on the phone to inform the client, the advisor sends the customer a link (by email or messenger) or directs the client to the authenticated area on their website to kick off a co-browsing session. The advisor is now alongside the client, guiding their information-gathering process and navigating them through websites and documents during their conversation.  This is a time-saver for the client, because their advisor is available to answer their questions in real time (either by messenger or video chat) and has efficiently provided the client with a consolidated backgrounder from multiple sources in the space of one conversation.

With the right tool, there are no downloads, software or plugins required to get into this secured navigating and sharing space. It happens with a single click. The exchange is completely encrypted and secure. Sensitive information on the client’s device is masked and never seen by the advisor.  

Co-browsing enhances the conversation between an advisor and client, and allows the advisor to be more proactive in driving decisions. For the client, co-browsing simplifies their research efforts and saves them time.  When things are made simpler and easier for the client, trust and confidence in their advisor grow. More than ever, customers expect their advisors to connect the dots for them.  Looking ahead, we must continue to explore how to leverage technology and online experiences to grow deeper client relationships. 

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