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This page contains the Unblu release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

First public version of Unblu 5 is 5.1.0.

Unblu 5.25.2 Release Notes

Release date: 11 February 2021

This release contains a security fix (UNBLU-10410). We strongly recommend that you update to this version.


  • UNBLU-9050 - utransfer CLI: export of account incl. user dos also export the "…​exporter@utransfer.unblu" user

  • UNBLU-9830 - Session polling uses wrong interval

  • UNBLU-9964 - DB connection not restored automatically after DB connectivity problem

  • UNBLU-9999 - Black- & whitelist have no effect on redirections

  • UNBLU-10003 - utransfer CLI: superadmin-import → 400 "User can not delete himself!

  • UNBLU-10004 - NullPointerException in

  • UNBLU-10005 - Embedded co-browsing: HTML select element not rendered correctly when visitor uses IE11

  • UNBLU-10018 - NullPointerException while processing language

  • UNBLU-10032 - Typing in editable text fields (pdf) in document co-browsing does not work

  • UNBLU-10038 - utransfer: when a superadmin is used, the global entity must be exported

  • UNBLU-10050 - Embedded co-browsing: Angular Material modal UI component freezes the session

  • UNBLU-10084 - Sudden increase in person / person_presence records

  • UNBLU-10087 - Multiple virtual cookies set in one response throws parser exception

  • UNBLU-10126 - Android mobile devices: keyboard events not triggered

  • UNBLU-10136 - Liquibase checksum error when mysql database-schema-name changes

  • UNBLU-10138 - iFrames permission denied during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-10156 - Headless browser: special characters problems

  • UNBLU-10186 - Unread status of conversations is sometimes wrong

  • UNBLU-10253 - Random session timeout on IE11

  • UNBLU-10254 - Freeze on the visitor side in specific tab

  • UNBLU-10277 - Cannot read property onInstanceAvailable

  • UNBLU-10283 - Embedded co-browsing: opening a specific select tag scrolls down the page on the agent side

  • UNBLU-10336 - Universal co-browsing : can’t type URL in second tab

  • UNBLU-10344 - Rendering Service: Setup "HB_RUNNER_POOL_DOCKER" do not startup when the docker-image is not locally available

  • UNBLU-10371 - Unblu generates OPTIONS "Preflighted requests"

  • UNBLU-10381 - Security issue with conversation

  • UNBLU-10404 - NullPointerException when using local Docker Rendering Service

  • UNBLU-10437 - Rollback rendering-service to 2.0.44

  • UNBLU-10472 - Android Chrome "Show-Session" virtual keyboard not working

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-10024 - Identity propagation support for utransfer

  • UNBLU-10071 - utransfer: allow no-credentials and no-headers case for ID Propagation

  • UNBLU-10107 - OpenAPI Documentation: add summary attribute for callbacks

  • UNBLU-10261 - Rendering Service: disable chrome:// URLs

  • UNBLU-10263 - Increase time for the needsActivation condition which decides whether to load lazy or greedy snippet

  • UNBLU-8763 - Support The API function "getActiveConversation" after a reload or navigation, so that the active conversation is delivered

Unblu 5.24.1 Release Notes

Release date: 12 October 2020


  • UNBLU-9717 - Setting: LoginConfiguration.enableResetPassword should not be changeable on scope = ACCOUNT

  • UNBLU-10012 - Too many authentication session created for visitors authenticated with ID Propagation

  • UNBLU-10020 - NullPointerException in Queue because NamedArea got deleted

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-10028 - OpenAPI: Improve the authenticator tag.

  • UNBLU-10030 - Improve HTML title of Web API doc page

Unblu 5.24.0 Release Notes

Release date: 2 October 2020


  • UNBLU-8471 - conversations/:conversationId/addParticipant → 500 error if personId is not correct

  • UNBLU-8990 - co-browsing of doc, ppt, pps and xls files not working properly

  • UNBLU-9095 - Log message contains a broken thread name and breaks logging systems

  • UNBLU-9225 - NullPointerException on document upload

  • UNBLU-9639 - com.unblu.redirectfilter.white and are ignored

  • UNBLU-9745 - FileUpload: Missing player for given id (visitor web, 2 conversations with upload)

  • UNBLU-9760 - Visitor Session-Cookie duplicate (1 with path + 1 without)

  • UNBLU-9763 - visitorPresenceInitializationMode=ON_INTERACTION: Ended-Conversation leads to wrong behavior

  • UNBLU-9765 - Left navigation menu ist behind agent monitor

  • UNBLU-9768 - Individual UI fails to navigate back to overview

  • UNBLU-9781 - OpenAPI output contains wired references in the descriptions

  • UNBLU-9784 - Error no API key configured in the visitor desk

  • UNBLU-9796 - SMTP Password and Tokbox API Secret is not masked in the log file

  • UNBLU-9799 - Call: published video has wrong z-index

  • UNBLU-9801 - Customisation of the headless browser pages is not working correctly

  • UNBLU-9802 - Wrong default page in the Headless browser for document cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-9822 - ICAP:Wrap reading cookies from ICAP Request in a TRY/CATCH, because exception in that code causes application to be down

  • UNBLU-9826 - Mobile endpoint does not load due to JavaScript error when deployed with an Application Server Context Path

  • UNBLU-9845 - Authentication sessions are never deleted

  • UNBLU-9852 - Player creation does not complete in 10 seconds timeout

  • UNBLU-9861 - Document co-browsing: HTTP Error if file bigger than 4MB.

  • UNBLU-9865 - HBRpcMessageStreamerClient: logs many ERROR’s after ending unversal-co browsing

  • UNBLU-9870 - utransfer: NullPointerException when reading a file with null value

  • UNBLU-9873 - Loop against spurious wakeup will never terminate

  • UNBLU-9904 - PIN Embedded Co-browsing conversation closed

  • UNBLU-9918 - Webhook signature is wrong when secret contains special chars

  • UNBLU-9941 - Android mobile Chrome: No pop-up notifications for messages, new requests, …​

  • UNBLU-9967 - The OpenAPI specification contains undesired elements in the descriptions

  • UNBLU-9988 - "Close conversation"-button in Agent Single View does not work.

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9483 - visitor.js should not return 400 for locked out browsers

  • UNBLU-9575 - Web-API: provide POST/DELETE endpoints instead of GET

  • UNBLU-9714 - Eliminate reverse HTTP traffic in Collaboration Server - Rendering service communication

  • UNBLU-9737 - Update the About/Error/Crash page (templates) delivered to the headless browser

  • UNBLU-9783 - Set the summary attribute in operation in the OpenAPI output.

  • UNBLU-9862 - Push notifications delay

  • UNBLU-9958 - Web-API: provide POST endpoint instead of GET

  • UNBLU-9959 - Web-API: use UserPasswordContainer as request body instead of User

Unblu 5.23.3 Release Notes

Release date: 21 July 2020


  • UNBLU-8043 - Forwarding to another agent, then forwarding back to the first agent makes conversation unusable.

  • UNBLU-8900 - Server error: multiple tracking items found where only one was expected

  • UNBLU-9360 - JavaScript API - wrong mapping of Exception types

  • UNBLU-9489 - "Active session" counting strange

  • UNBLU-9504 - DOMVisualSource.js:994 Uncaught "invalid node: DocumentFragment]

  • UNBLU-9515 - Sessions sometimes don’t close for ended conversations

  • UNBLU-9530 - Pop in conversation window

  • UNBLU-9552 - Conversations don’t end, when visitor doesn’t answer email question

  • UNBLU-9565 - Universal: Crash if "Out of memory".

  • UNBLU-9594 - Unblu collaboration server deadlocks in production

  • UNBLU-9596 - Unblu caching user configuration and not updating it properly on change

  • UNBLU-9606 - utransfer: Suffix modifier are not null safe.

  • UNBLU-9678 - too many open files (tomcat)

  • UNBLU-9688 - tooltips behind other messages

  • UNBLU-9692 - Visitor’s existing conversations list is empty when engagement options are disabled

  • UNBLU-9736 - Agent Desk: Conversation-UI is not shown correctly

  • UNBLU-9743 - Universal & Document co-browsing: Not possible to scroll with mouse-wheel.

  • UNBLU-9744 - "End collaboration"-pop up when starting second Conversation: "Cancel" has the same effect as "Ok".

  • UNBLU-9751 - Agent-App: Click on message-notification forces call to stop

  • UNBLU-9757 - Layouting issues due to switch to z-index: auto

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-6566 - Expose OpenAPI document from the collaboration server

  • UNBLU-9610 - OpenAPI: precise the type of the expand query parameter

  • UNBLU-9660 - utransfer: improve the SuperAdmin case

  • UNBLU-9708 - Extend Boot Delegator to Support AppDynamics

Minor version update: 5.23.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.22.3 Release Notes

Release date: 10 June 2020


  • UNBLU-9491 - IllegalStateException: User change handle can only be defined once!

  • UNBLU-9506 - Universal: Possible to open more than 5 tabs even maximum is reached.

  • UNBLU-9544 - Chat window action bar gets cut at the top when window is too small

  • UNBLU-9551 - Headless-browser does not support chinese/japanese/…​ characters.

  • UNBLU-9600 - Security issue

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9571 - Add Firebase push metrics and debug logging

Unblu 5.22.1 Release Notes

Release date: 26 May 2020


  • UNBLU-6795 - REST Test finding: user.isSuperUser

  • UNBLU-9288 - Typo in description of androidIncomingCallSound.

  • UNBLU-9322 - Uploaded file with names containing special characters are displayed wrongly encoded

  • UNBLU-9353 - Manipulated RPC HTTP call does not return proper error

  • UNBLU-9363 - Mobile Safari: Remote control of document co-browsing not working.

  • UNBLU-9365 - scrolling not possible on website instrumented with Unblu if agent desk opened in same browser

  • UNBLU-9368 - NullPointerException on (from ConversationVisualUpdater.flush)

  • UNBLU-9372 - Disabling allowInviteTeam disables allowInviteVisitor in the conversation template

  • UNBLU-9381 - utransfer cli: unable to export canned-responses because key is not unique

  • UNBLU-9388 - utransfer: error when importing canned responses with the same title

  • UNBLU-9397 - UI glitches due to missing css overrides

  • UNBLU-9411 - utransfer cli: issue when exporting CannedResponses with skipped Teams

  • UNBLU-9414 - utransfer cli: improve error message when TEAMS are skipped without USER

  • UNBLU-9419 - Forward proxy URI not propagated to HB

  • UNBLU-9421 - Recipient must be an agent error message is not translated and has a typo.

  • UNBLU-9440 - Capturing Failed as accessing scrollLeft on an object that is null, causes session to be not any more in sync

  • UNBLU-9453 - Creating new conversation should not be possible when impersonation is used

  • UNBLU-9455 - ConcurrentModificationException in VisitorJsServlet

  • UNBLU-9458 - Remove dependency of UWT from SiteIntegrationLazyMain

  • UNBLU-9471 - FAB + individual UI not displayed in opened windows

  • UNBLU-9476 - NPE in LayerAction

  • UNBLU-9477 - iOS/macOS - visitor UI vanishes on navigation

  • UNBLU-9480 - Inappropriate null check when filling the data structure to be sent to HB for starting the session.

  • UNBLU-9487 - Conversations don’t end, when visitor doesn’t answer email question

  • UNBLU-9488 - Visitor-App: No connection possible (ProviderException: No provider found)

  • UNBLU-9498 - Person corresponding to an Agent is marked as VISITOR

  • UNBLU-9501 - Security issue with users

  • UNBLU-9502 - Impersonation to a webuser should not be possible

  • UNBLU-9503 - conversation are not ended/removed from the queue if visitor close its browser

  • UNBLU-9529 - Chat windows doesn’t close automatically after session is rated

  • UNBLU-9542 - ConversationHistory not able to select agent

  • UNBLU-9549 - HeadlessBrowser: Tab in input fields do not work properly.

  • UNBLU-9550 - Universal: Websites do not load properly by navigating between 4 or 5 tabs.

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9382 - utransfer cli: add COUNTER option for the --idConversion option

  • UNBLU-9472 - Make default cache sizes configurable

Minor version update: 5.22.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.21.0 Release Notes

Release date: 08 April 2020


  • UNBLU-8633 - Visitor sessions are not disposed

  • UNBLU-9017 - Autostart embedded CB: "Approval timed out" even it was accepted

  • UNBLU-9132 - Security check for autoredirect target "at" login

  • UNBLU-9144 - Collaboration Server is considered ready even though the DB connection cannot be established

  • UNBLU-9145 - Exception while reading text if visitor-name with $

  • UNBLU-9174 - Document co-browsing: Buttons for scaling should be accessible.

  • UNBLU-9188 - Collaboration Server deadlock

  • UNBLU-9197 - HTTPClient Connections are not released and no new rendering service can be allocated

  • UNBLU-9248 - webhook signature problem when the request payload contains special chars

  • UNBLU-9259 - utransfer: Delete sub-teams via "teamsStrategy" : "DELETE" not working

  • UNBLU-9263 - Jackson deserialization security issue

  • UNBLU-9266 - Using 'Forgot password' of user with username different from the email throws exception

  • UNBLU-9271 - iOS and Android SDK ignores passed language

  • UNBLU-9279 - NullPointerException in Mobile Push

  • UNBLU-9284 - Avatar images are wrong rotated from mobile devices

  • UNBLU-9292 - Incorrect Translation of Slovak language name

  • UNBLU-9295 - special chars break the chat

  • UNBLU-9305 - Call is interrupted when the Agent writes a message or sends an image

  • UNBLU-9307 - Show (universal) + Document co-browsing → NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-9320 - Universal co-browsing: when opened 5 websites, one of them is loading forever.

  • UNBLU-9326 - Safari (iOS/macOS) rings only once

  • UNBLU-9330 - Collaboration server should not immediately register itself as unhealthy when all workers are busy

  • UNBLU-9336 - NullPointerException while reading person

  • UNBLU-9342 - Login page does not redirect to target if encoded

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9198 - Session dispatching is based on node CPU usage and therefore not fair in a cluster

  • UNBLU-9253 - Move RPC service name and method into the URI

  • UNBLU-9283 - Add placeholder validation in text properties values.

  • UNBLU-9285 - utransfer: improve error message when the default team name creates a conflict with existing teams

Minor version update: 5.21.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.20.2 Release Notes

Release date: 10 March 2020


  • UNBLU-9256 - Video call: Pop up with chat message cut off / not readable.

  • UNBLU-9251 - Scrolling in Universal and Document Co-Browsing is broken

  • UNBLU-7279 - The $ shortcut to open the parameter list in canned responses swallows keystrokes.

  • UNBLU-9090 - Collaboration server runs out of worker threads when a lock cannot be acquired

  • UNBLU-9117 - sending URL containing "%20" in the chat makes the link unusable

  • UNBLU-9126 - OnError is not implemented

  • UNBLU-9127 - Launcher button disappears on iOS phone when scrolling vertically

  • UNBLU-9137 - Agent stuck on navigation

  • UNBLU-9143 - x-unblu-clientdata Cookie is missing

  • UNBLU-9166 - Schema file does not contains jetty configuration property

  • UNBLU-9167 - Web-API: improve error message when performing an account update with expanded address without id

  • UNBLU-9168 - utransfer: update error when addresses already exist

  • UNBLU-9176 - Login screen is not scrollable

  • UNBLU-9177 - Agent can scroll in Mozilla without Remote Control active (or scroll lock)

  • UNBLU-9178 - Agent may have two (different) active calls at the same time and participants hear each other

  • UNBLU-9179 - Custom migration steps are not always working because of case-sensibility

  • UNBLU-9183 - Allow admin to change "com.unblu.siteintegration.ui.launcherButton"

  • UNBLU-9185 - white spaces removed from PDF file when co-browsed

  • UNBLU-9199 - utransfer: better error message when the team structure is not valid

  • UNBLU-9209 - text properties not editable by admin

  • UNBLU-9216 - Airlock-ICAP: failed with unblu version 6+

  • UNBLU-9218 - utransfer: entities should be sorted by ids in Single JSON file

  • UNBLU-9224 - utransfer cli: NONE value in --skip should not be combined with other values

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9115 - Update Jetty version

  • UNBLU-9157 - Don’t load preview of chat message images if larger than x

  • UNBLU-9164 - Add visual feedback that user has clicked on Start or Accept call buttons

  • UNBLU-9204 - utransfer import should support cleaning of entity + config not part of the import file

  • UNBLU-9237 - Add incoming call ringtone to agent SDK when application is closed

Minor version update: 5.20.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.19.0 Release Notes

Release date: 20 February 2020


  • UNBLU-8316 - Js-Api-Demo-App: localhost:port is not correct detected (default server-url)

  • UNBLU-8775 - Make it possible to disable PIN based co-browsing

  • UNBLU-8830 - IE: Agent-Desk layout resizing during call → end up in small Desk-UI

  • UNBLU-8921 - Login attempts are not rate limited

  • UNBLU-8931 - Password reset can be used to enumerate users

  • UNBLU-8942 - Agent browser fades to white when navigating

  • UNBLU-8946 - NullPointerException in DocumentHeadlessBrowserRecorder

  • UNBLU-9021 - WebAPI Basic-auth login on the UNTRUSTED entry path is not possible

  • UNBLU-9028 - API call /cannedresponses/create returns 500 if body is null

  • UNBLU-9083 - utransfer cli: NullPointerException when using simple relative file name as TO parameter

  • UNBLU-9088 - Agent availability and busy state resolving and usage

  • UNBLU-9096 - Scrolling not working in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-9099 - Security fix on the Web-API

  • UNBLU-9100 - Security check for autoredirect target after login

  • UNBLU-9111 - ID-Propagated-Setup: Change-Language not working

  • UNBLU-9112 - IPad Mobils-SDK: Co-Browsing loses connection right after starting

  • UNBLU-9133 - utransfer cli: error when java 11 is used

  • UNBLU-9138 - images with EXIF metadata should be rotated on file upload

  • UNBLU-9141 - Webhook causes error in server log every few milliseconds

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9072 - Call Permission handling

  • UNBLU-9078 - Mobile SDK: File Download

  • UNBLU-9081 - Add additional config property overlay to entrypoint

Minor version update: 5.19.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.18.0-hotfix.0 Release Notes

Release date: 04 February 2020


  • UNBLU-9097 - When an unblu session is active and a navigation happens, visitor sees a white page instead of the actual content

  • UNBLU-9099 - Security fix on the Web-API

Unblu 5.18.0 Release Notes

Release date: 30 January 2020


  • UNBLU-9003 - Embedded-Co-Browser: Scroll-/Pointer-Position not correct

  • UNBLU-9012 - Utransfer parameter --idConversion has no effect

  • UNBLU-9013 - Drag&Drop on Safari: Error Network failure: null

  • UNBLU-9038 - SameSite Cookie Parameter

  • UNBLU-9045 - CSS parser use original string value where possible

  • UNBLU-9064 - Embedded cobrowsing: Exception is thrown when URL optimization is disabled

  • UNBLU-9065 - Embedded cobrowsing: dynamically added unblu styles are accidentally captured

  • UNBLU-9067 - Property migration to 6.3.1 fails (if old + new key already exists)

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9033 - Metrics of API usage

Minor version update: 5.18.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.17.1 Release Notes

Release date: 16 January 2020


  • UNBLU-6374 - Setting core.settings.cannedResponsesMinimalRole does not work

  • UNBLU-8075 - Lock icon on element hover for protected content is not showing.

  • UNBLU-8632 - utransfer does not import default API-Key

  • UNBLU-8782 - Conversation does never time out when visitor does not respond to ToC

  • UNBLU-8803 - Error in web console after stopping co-browsing.

  • UNBLU-8878 - Choosing a long name results in an Exception

  • UNBLU-8934 - utransfer: improve the error message if the login does not work.

  • UNBLU-8942 - Agent browser fades to white when navigating

  • UNBLU-8944 - Collaboration Server does not dispose all used Threads

  • UNBLU-8951 - Universal: PDF file being downloaded/uploaded with String Query and JSessionID as File name

  • UNBLU-8954 - doc, ppt, pps and xls files can’t be co-browsed when allowFileDownload disabled

  • UNBLU-8976 - Setting changes of "Auto-end on disconnect" are optically not visible

  • UNBLU-8979 - agent.singleconversation.desk.conversationEndedRedirectUrl has not effect

  • UNBLU-8983 - utransfer cli: entities with $_version in the metadata map can not be imported

  • UNBLU-8987 - Empty text values cause the migration to fail on an Oracle database

  • UNBLU-8989 - FileUpload from local-drive: doc/xls/xlsx/docx/etc contentType not correct → Co-Browse not possible (active)

  • UNBLU-8991 - Unblu CSS parser drops clip: rect()

  • UNBLU-8993 - The lazy loading of Unblu adds a white line to the footer of the page

  • UNBLU-8997 - utransfer cli: the temporary admin user name is not valid if the Account contains an @

  • UNBLU-8999 - LDAP synctool throw ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.collections.MultiMap

  • UNBLU-9001 - Unblu notifications issues

  • UNBLU-9002 - utransfer cli: temporary exporter admin user does not have an email

  • UNBLU-9014 - Headless Browser problem: typing special characters in the HB URL field

  • UNBLU-9015 - Headless Browser problem: navigation does not work sometimes

  • UNBLU-9025 - When a canned response is edited, the list doesn’t show the new shortcut

  • UNBLU-9034 - Visitor Desk fails due to missing Dependency

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8962 - utransfer cli: error if the utransfer version is not made for the current version of the WebAPI

  • UNBLU-8964 - utransfer and entity-import: support single JSON file as input format

  • UNBLU-9007 - Web API: improve error message when the name-area type is changed

  • UNBLU-9008 - utransfer: manage named-area siteId

  • UNBLU-9009 - WebAPI: allow apiKey to be null during updates

Minor version update: 5.17.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 5.16.2 Release Notes

Release date: 19 December 2019

despite what the configuration property com.unblu.hbworker.headlessBrowserVersion default value is telling, the correct rendering-service version to be used is 1.2.9. Version 1.2.7 is "corrupted" and was not publicly released. For Cluster setup, the kubernetes setup files are pointing to the correct version.


  • UNBLU-6845 - Conversation - Message received in the overview is not displayed as delivered

  • UNBLU-6852 - Discard/keep editing dialog doesn’t appear when navigating back to Users

  • UNBLU-7905 - JS-API Demo: Login/Logout (partly) not working in IE

  • UNBLU-8086 - API key parameter in the visitor snippet can be misused

  • UNBLU-8616 - IE: Console error by navigating from inbox to conversation

  • UNBLU-8644 - Typing indicator is triggered even when not 'typing'

  • UNBLU-8659 - Zooming in/out moves the launch bubble on iPhone

  • UNBLU-8749 - Property "filemanager.maximumuploadsize" can be configured at Account-Level but it is not recognized correctly

  • UNBLU-8820 - IE: Network error by navigating to Conversation History

  • UNBLU-8874 - Download results in exception

  • UNBLU-8876 - Upload results in NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-8884 - "Agent" Conversation-History: TypeError: Cannot read property 'rd' of null

  • UNBLU-8896 - Collaboration server should register itself as unhealthy when all Jetty threads are busy

  • UNBLU-8899 - NullPointerException in CollaborationSession

  • UNBLU-8904 - NullPointerException in TrackingListRecorder

  • UNBLU-8905 - NullPointerException in VisitorTrackingWebService

  • UNBLU-8906 - Log message should not be an ERROR

  • UNBLU-8910 - Adjust logging format to support OpenShift expectations

  • UNBLU-8913 - Web-API: WebhookCallLogs API should not be accessible as impersonated user

  • UNBLU-8921 - Login attempts are not rate limited

  • UNBLU-8935 - Remote Scroll Event after switching layer

  • UNBLU-8954 - doc, ppt, pps and xls files can’t be co-browsed when allowFileDownload disabled

  • UNBLU-8956 - Wrong pin input in mobile sdk leads to sdk error state

  • UNBLU-8959 - Crash while starting embedded CB for the second time.

  • UNBLU-8965 - utransfer: failed to create user (superadmin)

  • UNBLU-8967 - WebApi calls could be cached in certain browsers (IE11)

  • UNBLU-8972 - utransfer cli: utransfer_exporter is not removed when exporting from a server with superadmin

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8909 - The Collaboration Server should not accept new sessions while shutting down

  • UNBLU-8961 - utransfer: add info next to the exported json files

  • UNBLU-8963 - Web-API v2: add a method to get the product version

Minor version update: 5.16.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.


New end-point to retrive the product version

Unblu 5.15.1 Release Notes

Release date: 27 November 2019


  • UNBLU-8504 - Incorrect message after "decline" + "reload"

  • UNBLU-8875 - Agent Availability state does not match the status set by agent

  • UNBLU-8897 - NullPointerException in Dom Capturing

  • UNBLU-8910 - Adjust logging format to support OpenShift expectations

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8054 - Provide Conversation History / Statistics Export as in Unblu 4.3

Unblu 5.15.0 Release Notes

Release date: 22 November 2019


  • UNBLU-7792 - Conversation-Template: Update of "Engagement-Type" end in TypeError

  • UNBLU-7862 - Headless Browser: Mouse pointer jumps / looses focus

  • UNBLU-8587 - Universal co-browsing has double bubble (no detection of Unblu JS snippet)

  • UNBLU-8715 - Mouse pointer offset in co-browsing involving iframes

  • UNBLU-8741 - Web-API: /users/create → 500 "Internal Server Error" (missing first- / lastName)

  • UNBLU-8742 - IllegalArgumentException: The nickname may not be empty (Concierge + Visitor end’s conversation)

  • UNBLU-8746 - AccountConfigurationMain: Unhandled promise rejection null (no default-language + upd fallbackLanguageEnabled)

  • UNBLU-8772 - Two small typos in server settings

  • UNBLU-8773 - If fileDownload is disabled, document co-browsing fails.

  • UNBLU-8778 - Memory leak in Unblu Collaboration Server when using Embedded Co-Browsing

  • UNBLU-8779 - Web-API: global/read → NullPointerException when no license is installed

  • UNBLU-8786 - Web-API: 500 - NullPointerException when calling /persons/createOrUpdateBot

  • UNBLU-8818 - Headless Browser: when file upload fails, the Headless Browser stops working

  • UNBLU-8821 - Unexpected Player Error causes session not to be usable

  • UNBLU-8833 - Parsing of X_FORWARDED_PROTO containing a list fails

  • UNBLU-8835 - utransfer: the exported JSON file are not pretty-printed

  • UNBLU-8836 - utransfer: NullPointerException while transforming personId for a concierge person

  • UNBLU-8837 - Paragraph element is missing a float reset

  • UNBLU-8850 - Style of the body of (x-origin) Iframe are overwritten, causes as well scrolling completely to disappear

Minor version update: 5.15.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Some old keys were removed

Unblu 5.14.2 Release Notes

Release date: 08 November 2019


  • UNBLU-7092 - Conversation Preview doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-7140 - Collaboration server not working with tomcat jre9

  • UNBLU-7477 - Conversation History filters don’t show that they’re still filtered when navigating away, then back

  • UNBLU-7626 - Non-cluster setups with rendering service on docker host cause orphan rendering services on collaboration server restart

  • UNBLU-7859 - Universal Cobrowsing/WebRTC does not work with latest Edge

  • UNBLU-7862 - Headless Browser: Mouse pointer jumps / looses focus

  • UNBLU-7911 - Edge Universal WebRTC dos not work → turn configuration

  • UNBLU-8053 - Headless Browser: Input fields does not recognize some special characters

  • UNBLU-8424 - API-Keys Editor: title typo "APIKeys" → "API keys"

  • UNBLU-8480 - ICAP: initialization fails with Error "initialize Backend java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource"

  • UNBLU-8490 - Messages swallowed completely under certain circumstances

  • UNBLU-8509 - Upload "too big" Files: Not a correct message

  • UNBLU-8513 - Blob_size of avatars does not correlate with real size

  • UNBLU-8573 - Can not create new chat-requests on edge (local development mode)

  • UNBLU-8575 - Unblu version is not checked when a license is installed

  • UNBLU-8586 - Agent availability and busy limit not considered

  • UNBLU-8617 - Pop-Up with warning shown twice by navigating to Conversation History

  • UNBLU-8618 - Cobrowsing with many dynamic DOM elements will crash embedded cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-8680 - Rendering service does not recognize some characters

  • UNBLU-8682 - Embedded cobrowsing with 10'000 node updates is slow

  • UNBLU-8688 - mobile co-browsing on iOS 13 breaks

  • UNBLU-8689 - Web API call findAllBy?startTimestamp=&endTimestamp= problem

  • UNBLU-8715 - Mouse pointer offset in co-browsing involving iframes

  • UNBLU-8716 - Mouse pointer only in iframe

  • UNBLU-8718 - X-Origin iframe setup: Navigating to different iframe content

  • UNBLU-8734 - HTML Table, Thead and TBody are not scrollable

  • UNBLU-8737 - Web API responds with 500 on users/update

  • UNBLU-8757 - "Conflicting keys" error when trying to edit translations

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8766 - utransfer export should auto-select superadmin account if none is specified

Minor version update: 5.14.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

New keys were added.

Unblu 5.13.1 Release Notes

Release date: 25 October 2019


  • UNBLU-8676 - Conversations/create "initialEngagementType:HEADLESS_PIN" does not create a PIN

  • UNBLU-8656 - Web API: siteId of a NamedArea can be modified

  • UNBLU-8651 - Warning errors in the console when running Jersey client

  • UNBLU-8620 - utransfer cli: account avatar cannot be imported

  • UNBLU-8619 - UI issue with small sized mobile phone

  • UNBLU-8618 - Cobrowsing with many dynamic DOM elements will crash embedded cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-8592 - Error in web console after ending embedded co-browsing (visitor-side)

  • UNBLU-8568 - No email sent with the message log when conversation is ended

  • UNBLU-8557 - Cross origin iframes not behaving correctly during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-8495 - Web-API: userAuthenticator/setDefaultLanguage language is not validated

  • UNBLU-8455 - Agent appears available although not available

  • UNBLU-8454 - Agent availability oddness when working with two UI sessions

  • UNBLU-8268 - DomCap: ERROR in Renderer when adding > 1000 elements to parent

  • UNBLU-7822 - Race condition in rendering service pod: if reserved but not connected to hbrowser pod will live on in reserved state forever

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8580 - X-Origin iframe DOM capturing test

Minor version update: 5.13.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


API behavior has been corrected so that client can no longer modify the siteId of a NamedArea. See UNBLU-8656 - Web API: siteId of a NamedArea can be modified.

Unblu 5.12.0 Release Notes

Release date: 10 October 2019


  • UNBLU-8567 - Export/Import functionality doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-8537 - Migration tool does not preserve line break

  • UNBLU-8534 - Client config generator ignores region in languagetag

  • UNBLU-8514 - Utransfer can not update non-default entities

  • UNBLU-8508 - EntityConfigImportException when importing entities at startup

  • UNBLU-8495 - Web-API: userauthenticator/setDefaultLanguage language is not validated

  • UNBLU-8477 - Typing indicator disappears if Enter is used to break the line

  • UNBLU-8248 - 'Visitor is typing' animation shown to agent forever if visitor closes their browser

  • UNBLU-7798 - BusinessException: Token redeemed by wrong team (SubTeam)

  • UNBLU-7417 - Universal Co-browsing: Handling Runtime exception - pool not set error

  • UNBLU-6302 - Unblu static resources do not always set cache-control headers

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8511 - '' text schemas should be consistently configurable on global, account, area and API key

  • UNBLU-8489 - Add RO support and localization to unblu 4.3.x

  • UNBLU-8487 - Update ICAP SDK to the new version 2.2

  • UNBLU-8486 - ICAP-Interface & Cluster: improve the Cluster to handle multiple Collab. Nodes together with ICAP-Interface

  • UNBLU-8384 - Add always close conversation on end configuration property

Minor version update: 5.12.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings additions.

Unblu 5.11.1 Release Notes

Release date: 26 September 2019


  • UNBLU-6755 - Nodes are not removed from LB in open shift environments when they are shutting down

  • UNBLU-6856 - Unique index violation: UK_PERSON_SOURCE (after impersonate to account)

  • UNBLU-7094 - IE11 - Conversation configuration UI looks different

  • UNBLU-7753 - Pop-Out after "Approval not showing the call UI

  • UNBLU-7761 - Web-API: …​/rest/v2/conversations/create?expand=configuration → conciergeEnabled no "onboarding"

  • UNBLU-8353 - HB crashes when setting a cookie from context migration

  • UNBLU-8365 - Universal & Document Co-Browsing do not work with IE11 (and WebRTC)

  • UNBLU-8369 - Export message log doesn’t work in cluster

  • UNBLU-8371 - Small typo: Enbale instead of Enable

  • UNBLU-8374 - Recorder session cookie is never set for site embedded setups

  • UNBLU-8381 - German Translation: Identical words for different actions

  • UNBLU-8383 - Service to upload the capture images from the mobile device, is defined wrong

  • UNBLU-8395 - Unable to start external bundles with javax.servlet references

  • UNBLU-8396 - WEB API: create a conversation with the initial engagement type "DOMCAP_PIN" asks for a "context person"

  • UNBLU-8407 - Inspect Conversation Visual visible for agent and admin, but delivers "permission denied"

  • UNBLU-8411 - Account_Avatar (Logo) can not be loaded in Engagement UI for on promise setup

  • UNBLU-8412 - Agent is kicked out of this session: com.unblu…​.actionplayer.Renderer) : ERROR ESCALATION LEVEL: 6

  • UNBLU-8413 - Push Notification are send in english, user language is not considered as mail language/localization

  • UNBLU-8425 - Texts configuration editor showing a 'Conflicting keys' error.

  • UNBLU-8431 - FilterBackendRestService: Sending text mime type or none in the content-type header leads to series of exceptions

  • UNBLU-8444 - SFM license check result is ""swallowed"" and does not appear in unblu logs"

  • UNBLU-8447 - Add person source data to conversation history export

  • UNBLU-8449 - Visitor cannot join another session after declining the Concierge T&Cs and refreshing the page

  • UNBLU-8461 - Small typo: Feeback instead of Feedback

  • UNBLU-8475 - Stopping Unblu on Apache Tomcat/7.0.96 produces exception.

  • UNBLU-8476 - Mobile video calls interrupted by power saving feature

  • UNBLU-8479 - Typo: unvailability instead of unavailability

  • UNBLU-8480 - ICAP: initialization fails with Error "initialize Backend java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource"

  • UNBLU-8481 - EntityConfigImport imports again on shutdown

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8094 - Add individual conversation export to conversation history

  • UNBLU-8463 - Support stopping web communication (based on UBS 403 feature) using a js api call

  • UNBLU-8083 - Improve locale concepts in Unblu to support language, script and region

  • UNBLU-8125 - Provide production ready SourceMap location

  • UNBLU-8170 - Use Babel-Transform-Runtime on IE11

  • UNBLU-8240 - Load utransfer config at Unblu startup

  • UNBLU-8389 - Web API: improve error handling when expand is used without checksum property ($_version)

  • UNBLU-8409 - Change property settings in product default from Superadmin to Admin

  • UNBLU-8415 - Web API: createAuthenticationToken without any query parameter

Minor version update: 5.11.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings additions.


New method authenticator/createAuthenticationTokenForCurrentUser.


New method to force disconnection to the Unblu server.


Type change for the language column in the main_localizedtext table.

Unblu 5.10.0 Release Notes

Release date: 30 August 2019


  • UNBLU-7930 - HB Video quality doesn’t recover (in specific situation)

  • UNBLU-8020 - A chat with multiple images is not automatically scrolled to the end when opened again & Introduce ResizeObserver into the UI

  • UNBLU-8224 - Embedded demo page login box should encode the username

  • UNBLU-8289 - Undo of Conversation-Templates (DOMCAP_PIN) raises "Duplicate entry 'uk_configproperty_prop_key'" exception

  • UNBLU-8301 - Universal and Document co-browsing do not work on iphone

  • UNBLU-8304 - Message not translated when ending collaboration

  • UNBLU-8305 - German translation is off; the antonym to 'maximieren' should be 'minimieren'.

  • UNBLU-8313 - Setting dbSetupEnabled=false is NOT working without "adminUser"

  • UNBLU-8332 - Agent Desk navigation is blocked after opening a conversation

  • UNBLU-8333 - launcherButtonDisplayMode: set to WHEN_IN_CONVERSATION works only if the UI was closed manually

  • UNBLU-8341 - OpenAPI Documentation change to "servers / url" to

  • UNBLU-8359 - Agents browser scrolls to top when text input field is selected during Embedded cobrowsing

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8145 - Add dynamic imports to reserved keywords

  • UNBLU-8315 - Do not close the admin "Individual-UI" when navigating to the conversation (PIN + ended co-browse)

  • UNBLU-8346 - OpenAPI Documentation add operationId on Callback operation

  • UNBLU-8366 - Update of the Firebase version for Android mobile SDK

Minor version update: 5.10.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings additions.

Mobile SDK

New versions were released.

Unblu 5.9.1 Release Notes

Release date: 15 August 2019


  • UNBLU-7582 - No message provided when aborting a co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-7834 - Agent-Monitor does not automatically add/remove named-area’s (if a monitor is open at any agent-client)

  • UNBLU-8214 - Chat: Avatars are missing on some messages

  • UNBLU-8229 - Injecting unblu without defer="defer" leads to fatal client exception (unblu does not initialize)

  • UNBLU-8252 - Airlock-ICAP: Expects "content-type: text/css" to have "charset" as a must

  • UNBLU-8262 - IE-11 as agent: Marker does not work as expected in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-8263 - IE-11 as agent: Co-Scrolling does not work in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-8270 - JS API reference documentation - broken link

  • UNBLU-8275 - Launcher button close icon should go to arrow down when in conversation

  • UNBLU-8276 - Rest API: send an expanded Avatar with explicit null value does not works

  • UNBLU-8296 - Mobile Using tile capturing does not work

  • UNBLU-8300 - Log-in page no longer works in Edge and IE

  • UNBLU-8306 - Closing (Js-Api) + "End" conversation by visitor → "Disconnected" → "Blocked" back-button (+view)

  • UNBLU-8307 - Web API: unexpected json properties and wrong order

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7745 - Download attachment filename to match the upload filename

  • UNBLU-8100 - Add configuration to disable collection of NavigationHistoryEntry

  • UNBLU-8232 - Support using async="true" instead of defer="defer" in injections

  • UNBLU-8233 - Support for custom FAB (floating action button)

  • UNBLU-6441 - Document co-browsing - pdf form editing

  • UNBLU-8253 - Auto hide UI when not in conversation

Minor version update: 5.9.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings additions.

Unblu 5.8.0 Release Notes

Release date: 05 August 2019


  • UNBLU-7899 - unhealthy collaboration server takes a long time to reboot/terminate/recover

  • UNBLU-8033 - Rx Scheduler Workers are not disposed after usage

  • UNBLU-8179 - Visitor messaging window stops scrolling to bottom when popped out

  • UNBLU-8226 - Liquibase MigrationFailedException (on different db.changelog-umm-5.3.0-fk.xml change-set’s)

  • UNBLU-8228 - High "mutation pressure" (many mutation records in short time) lead to queuing of capturing requests

  • UNBLU-8239 - Endless redirect loop with id propagation when using slash as last character

  • UNBLU-8255 - Allocating a Headless Browser may get stuck

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8163 - SyncTool: add failsafe

  • UNBLU-8178 - Add config which triggers "offline" when all agents are busy

  • UNBLU-8223 - Canned response minor UI improvements

  • UNBLU-8231 - configurable auto close on end

  • UNBLU-8237 - Add TRACE logs to track down id propagation issues more easily

  • UNBLU-8256 - Allow customization of "co-browsing" texts at admin level

Minor version update: 5.8.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


New database script to fix the data-migration from 4.3.x to 5.x.x (reference UNBLU-8226).

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings additions.

Unblu 5.7.0 Release Notes

Release date: 18 July 2019


  • UNBLU-8053 - Headless Browser: Input fields does not recognize some special characters

  • UNBLU-8113 - During a video call, when "pop out" is used, messages stop appearing on visitor side

  • UNBLU-8131 - Agents in virtual user mode cannot see own Conversation History

  • UNBLU-8168 - Cannot get resources to load with Apache Secure Flow Manager

  • UNBLU-8176 - Engagement logo: Not correct for domain-namedArea’s

  • UNBLU-8180 - deleting webhook registrations causes errors

  • UNBLU-8181 - Modification of conversation template (General tab) is not possible

  • UNBLU-8195 - SFM resource upload does not work path based cluster node strategy

  • UNBLU-8196 - Web API: make expand metadata feature work as in 4.3

  • UNBLU-8197 - Chat window between Visitor and agent not in sync when scrolling

  • UNBLU-8212 - API: Canned Responses getByOwnerTypeAndId should filter the list similar to read

Minor version update: 5.7.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


Foreign-key’s where adjusted to the database for different tables. (reference UNBLU-8180).


Restore metadata expand on several entities (similar to 4.3) (reference UNBLU-8196).

Unblu 5.6.3 Release Notes

Release date: 09 July 2019


  • UNBLU-7411 - DeleteAccount should delete all related data from the database

  • UNBLU-7800 - Upgrade Zookeeper to 3.5.5 (Zookeeper client does not refresh server IPs)

  • UNBLU-7871 - BasicOSMonitorable: Memory related reporting is commented out

  • UNBLU-8013 - Wrong description in code for MobileDeviceConfiguration

  • UNBLU-8035 - HB hangs after switching fast the browser tabs

  • UNBLU-8067 - Conversation accessible only in Ghost mode after forwarded to a team and answered from same agent

  • UNBLU-8087 - Regression: Starting Unblu with java security manager enabled fails

  • UNBLU-8088 - Regression: LinkageError when starting Unblu in Tomcat

  • UNBLU-8101 - UA parser is used in a non-thread-safe manner and causes issues

  • UNBLU-8121 - Collaboration Server loses ZooKeeper connection and restarts

  • UNBLU-8137 - Universal and Chat co-browsing are not working due to unhandled promise rejection TypeError: "Cannot read property '$' of undefined"

  • UNBLU-8147 - IE11 JS-Api-Demo-Page: Unhandled promise rejection TypeError: Dialog with Error "Method 'abrupt' not supported"

  • UNBLU-8150 - account related settings are not available on named area level

  • UNBLU-8151 - PIN Dialog labels not centered

  • UNBLU-8154 - Remove the Foreign-Key creating change-sets from 5.6.x release

  • UNBLU-8159 - Device cookie does not distinguish cookie domain between trusted and untrusted system path

  • UNBLU-8161 - Jenkins Failures in the sonar stage on 5.x.x branch

  • UNBLU-8165 - When WebRTC not available in IE, "You are in a call…​" banner still appears

  • UNBLU-8167 - Domain based named areas don’t work properly

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7386 - SyncTool: more logs on info lvl

  • UNBLU-8006 - Message notification timeout not configurable

  • UNBLU-8091 - Define alerts for 5xx and 4xx response codes in AlertManager

  • UNBLU-8114 - Expose ZooKeeper Metrics

  • UNBLU-8118 - Add generic HTTP probe to monitor availability

  • UNBLU-8132 - Create Grafana Dashboard for ZooKeeper metrics

  • UNBLU-8162 - allow change of chat message border radius via config property

  • UNBLU-4693 - Define how to manage injection of snippet via Filter for a Multi Tenancy on premise environment

  • UNBLU-8095 - Define 'soft' anti affinity for all deployments with potentially more than 1 running pod

Minor version update: 5.6.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


New indexes and foreign-key’s where added to the database for different tables. (reference UNBLU-7411).

Unblu 5.5.1 Release Notes

Release date: 20 June 2019


  • UNBLU-6851 - Discard/keep editing dialog appears twice

  • UNBLU-7648 - Errors in messaging after changing settings to allow LiveView

  • UNBLU-7885 - User Menu > Canned Responses: new sections sometimes does not appear

  • UNBLU-7979 - iOS mobile Safari strange scrolling behavior

  • UNBLU-7996 - Star rating visual output is broken

  • UNBLU-8009 - Toggle starred opens conversation

  • UNBLU-8029 - License overview: customer name is missing

  • UNBLU-8030 - LDAP-Sync: Provide property to set timeout for LDAPConnector

  • UNBLU-8032 - Unblu 5 Universal: setting useWebRTC to false causes on visitor side a white screen

  • UNBLU-8036 - Improve documentation about branding customization

  • UNBLU-8039 - Agent stops getting conversation update on cluster setup

  • UNBLU-8044 - When starting unblu from war the platform says its ready too early

  • UNBLU-8051 - Documentation: configuration-properties page is not displaying the correct description

  • UNBLU-8055 - BusinessException: License content could not be decrypted

  • UNBLU-8057 - TypeError when running Unblu on a page created with webpack

  • UNBLU-8076 - Co-Browsing with Pin-Session not possible (no navigation)

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7303 - Support database migration mode wjar standalone executable

  • UNBLU-7865 - Split SystemStatus into Liveness and Readiness checks

  • UNBLU-8008 - Force language to en for admin and super-admin desk

  • UNBLU-8040 - Improve id propagation value evaluation

  • UNBLU-8056 - Set Liquibase default log level to INFO

  • UNBLU-8062 - Add web api endpoint to update license

  • UNBLU-8089 - NGINX logs do not contain client IP addresses

Minor version update: 5.5.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


New services under /global to manage global configuration settings and license without the user interface. Reference: UNBLU-8062.

Configuration settings

New configuration keys for ID-Propagation setups. Reference: UNBLU-8040.

wjar command line

New option migrateOnly to run only the database migration script. Reference: UNBLU-7303.

Unblu 5.4.0 Release Notes

Release date: 07 June 2019


  • UNBLU-7108 - fix NullPointerException at VisitorSessionOwner.captureNavigationHistoryEntry(

  • UNBLU-7119 - Wrong umm_conversation_presence after reconnect (agent-side)

  • UNBLU-7255 - Server does not properly shut down in some situations (network outage)

  • UNBLU-7529 - User-Change "deny" : Login + Reload ends in → "You are not allowed to open this conversation."

  • UNBLU-7537 - fix IllegalArgumentException: a node with id 'YHcRArnbTiu7dkDFFeZdUA' (name: 'queue') is already present in the visual. Parent: -DuvGvToQh2d02XYdlgaYA(name: 'queues') (on reference)

  • UNBLU-7720 - Unblu launch button disappears when the page is too small

  • UNBLU-7791 - Persisting video artifacts in WebRTC with chrome

  • UNBLU-7825 - CacheManagerFactory should not always create a new instance

  • UNBLU-7835 - Inbox dos not respect the configured language

  • UNBLU-7872 - Regression: Conversation Typeof "HEADLESS_INVITE" Created by Web-API, starts for visitor before agent joins the conversation

  • UNBLU-7886 - "Jump to latest" stays visible when it’s no longer relevant

  • UNBLU-7911 - Edge Universal WebRTC dos not work → turn configuration

  • UNBLU-7924 - Headless Browser: Blank page in Firefox

  • UNBLU-7972 - Video/audio call ends when conversation is forwarded and answered by another agent

  • UNBLU-7978 - Geolocation/ip are not recorded

  • UNBLU-7981 - Missing text-settings for admin (availability / concierge)

  • UNBLU-7995 - User whose user name is an emoji can’t use the product

  • UNBLU-7997 - CSS primo site does not fully load in universal co-browsing

  • UNBLU-7998 - Exception: No existing entity which could be updated with the new one (after ResetDemoData)

  • UNBLU-8002 - SQL Query profiling can result in NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-8012 - Wrong description in SiteintegrationUiConfiguration

  • UNBLU-8027 - Some requests to load resources used in embedded co-browsing returns a 404

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7752 - Collect Kafka metrics

  • UNBLU-7772 - Allow dashboard sharing from On-Premise to Unblu

  • UNBLU-7990 - Support concatenation of group description and property key for configuration property descriptions

  • UNBLU-8021 - Webhook registrations: reject duplicate names for create and update

Minor version update: 5.4.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


Table cleanup: removed several, unused tables

Unblu 5.3.1 Release Notes

Release date: 21 May 2019


  • UNBLU-7622 - Select does not work well with DomCap

  • UNBLU-7837 - Supervisor can "create" (but not save) canned response for another user.

  • UNBLU-7848 - Non-picture avatar doesn’t correctly handle user or team named with emoji

  • UNBLU-7856 - Progressive Slowdown when Hit by Many Inactive Users

  • UNBLU-7912 - Conversation message log always sent with the default English template

  • UNBLU-7914 - Breadcrumb shows Users  Super Admin even though that’s not how I got there.

  • UNBLU-7921 - Domains has a "Sort by" field with only one option

  • UNBLU-7922 - Debounce the 'Chat to a support agent' button

  • UNBLU-7932 - Videowindow/container does not resize when visitor closes browser.

  • UNBLU-7935 - Scrolling in Chrome version 74 is partly not working anymore

  • UNBLU-7939 - Restore "Global Server Settings" removes the updated license

  • UNBLU-7947 - Mouse drag events outside of viewport do not work in headless browser in in unblu 5

  • UNBLU-7956 - Web API: person with empty nickname should be rejected.

  • UNBLU-7957 - Text nodes missing

  • UNBLU-7958 - Verify that all person fields trim spaces

  • UNBLU-7960 - Concierge: entering a Nickname with 3 spaces break the concierge

  • UNBLU-7962 - With "uriTransformTarget" set to proxy, CSS resources are not correctly displayed

  • UNBLU-7964 - Demo Data: deleting conversation is not possible due to foreign keys

  • UNBLU-7968 - "ok" button in concierge is not localized / localizable

  • UNBLU-7969 - Supervisor must not be able to open the user edit dialog for admin and superadmin

  • UNBLU-7970 - Supervisor should not be able to change avatars for other users

  • UNBLU-7981 - Missing text-settings for admin (availability / concierge)

  • UNBLU-7982 - Cleanup the inconsistant demo-data at startup

  • UNBLU-7988 - Team update API returns 400 when it should return 403

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-6415 - Configuration Migration 4.3 → 5.1

  • UNBLU-7931 - Visitor Join URL in visitor desk: use route parameter instead query parameter for token

  • UNBLU-7949 - Create a config migration 5.1 → 5.2

  • UNBLU-7961 - cleanup triggered by configuration migration information

  • UNBLU-7963 - Improve Configuration-Migration 5.1 → 5.2 to not delete the "NOT_FOUND" properties

  • UNBLU-7687 - PropertyRepositoryServices implement insertAll

Minor version update: 5.3.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:


Structure addition: new indexes for the messenger tables

Unblu 5.2.2 Release Notes

Release date: 14 May 2019


  • UNBLU-7712 - Unblu bubble jumps to the right, when clicking it

  • UNBLU-7836 - JavaScript errors about InsufficientRoleException are displayed when opening Users page with Supervisor.

  • UNBLU-7853 - Settings UI controls don’t properly reflect default values if they differ by case

  • UNBLU-7874 - unblu Visitor JS API Demo: display login errors

  • UNBLU-7881 - Agent Desk does not load

  • UNBLU-7893 - Discard/keep editing dialog appears twice in a row

  • UNBLU-7897 - unblu 5: JS-API The New function unbluApi.ui.openPinEntryUi opens the individualUI instead of the PIN-Entry-UI ( Join with PIN )

  • UNBLU-7900 - Web-API: getting "400 - No working account in request context" in cluster setup

  • UNBLU-7901 - Prevent Superadmin Session Tracking Access for other Accounts

  • UNBLU-7903 - Connection Issue on Mobile (Android + IOs)

  • UNBLU-7904 - Universal-Show: "Invite a customer" (with 2 tabs) "hangs"

  • UNBLU-7913 - Superadmin can not "Inspect conversation visual" → 403 permission denied

  • UNBLU-7926 - Superadmin user can connect to the agent-desk (as Impersonated user)

  • UNBLU-7933 - Account Configuration  Team Supervisor in the default team can not select "none" team

  • UNBLU-7934 - Supervisors should not be able to change the parentId value to a team that is not one of their subteam

  • UNBLU-7936 - Supervisor in the default team can not create/edit team canned responses

  • UNBLU-7938 - API: Canned Responses getAll and getByIds should filter the list similar to read

  • UNBLU-7945 - Bubble hides behind website parts before being clicked for the first time

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7868 - unblu 5: introduce functionality to close the UI after onboarding is finished for PIN based cobrowsing session only

  • UNBLU-7823 - TokBoxSessionManager should not always recreate OpenTok client

  • UNBLU-7896 - Offer a "Exit impersonate" possibility to the agent-desk error page

  • UNBLU-7950 - Update translations for 5.2.2 release

  • UNBLU-7951 - Allow admin to change more configurations

Unblu 5.2.1 Release Notes

Release date: 07 May 2019


  • UNBLU-7884 - "Canned responses" text is cut off in new UI

  • UNBLU-7889 - Use internal webfont instead of Google’s service

  • UNBLU-7890 - Administrative UI: InsufficientRoleException for admin

  • UNBLU-7892 - zookeeper and kafka product can not be started

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7867 - unblu 5: JS-API introduce function to display/open PIN dialog via JS-API

  • UNBLU-7502 - Show hint on account overview when license expired / is invalid

Unblu 5.2.0 Release Notes

Release date: 30 April 2019


  • UNBLU-6298 - iPhone visitor desk usability issues when using starting video

  • UNBLU-7666 - JS-API Demo:Support ES5 for IE11

  • UNBLU-7679 - API - 200 response when creating a Webhook with "too long" description

  • UNBLU-7700 - With "uriTransformTarget" set to proxy resources can not be loaded

  • UNBLU-7724 - For "4_3_0_stats_participant_rename_user_name_column" is failOnError set to "false" causes issue in runtime.

  • UNBLU-7751 - Mobile: Reconnect "Button" is not shown on the mobile (no linebreack)

  • UNBLU-7782 - API: Can not get and set "texts" from conversations

  • UNBLU-7796 - Verify that all user, team, etc. fields trim spaces, and that they don’t allow only whitespace as a valid name

  • UNBLU-7797 - some FONTS can not be loaded, CORS Policy

  • UNBLU-7803 - Universal co-browsing not working while Tokbox works

  • UNBLU-7831 - /webhookregistrations/create gives 500 error with overly-long name

  • UNBLU-7838 - Collaboration Server crashes on text properties variable substitution

  • UNBLU-7842 - Toast messages wrap text

  • UNBLU-7858 - Add Unblu version to servicesdocumentation

  • UNBLU-7859 - Universal Cobrowsing/WebRTC does not work with latest Edge

  • UNBLU-7861 - Slow response on mobile app

  • UNBLU-7862 - Headless Browser: Mouse pointer jumps / looses focus

  • UNBLU-7875 - username/nickname in umm_person

  • UNBLU-7878 - Safari cookie: the corsCookieMode does not work for none SSL (HTTP) pages

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7543 - Administrative-Only Server Configuration

  • UNBLU-7755 - Support endConversationRedirectURL for Conversation-Links as a string query

  • UNBLU-7865 - Split SystemStatus into Liveness and Readiness checks

  • UNBLU-7883 - Banner Service for Impersonation

  • UNBLU-7627 - Hide configuration properties that depend on something that is not enabled and cannot be edited in the current context

  • UNBLU-7628 - Improve account overview and harmonize with license overview

  • UNBLU-7674 - Rebrand Unblu Product

  • UNBLU-7681 - Add powered by unblu branding

  • UNBLU-7717 - Concierge: Add question for phone number

  • UNBLU-7809 - Conversation JS API Get and Set Individual UI State

  • UNBLU-7864 - Replace the default EclipseLink Connection Pool with a better one

  • UNBLU-7869 - Prohibit Super Admin access to other account operational data

Minor version update: 5.2.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Visitor UI

New Unblu theme, with extended configuration possibilities. More branding possibilities, especially for cloud customers.

Agent UI

New Unblu theme. Configurations features are moved to the "Administrative UI"

Administrative UI

First version


Changes for text configuration on Conversation and for impersonation


The Individual UI functionality is now available over the unblu.ui namespace with some additions

Configuration & text properties

New entries for the UI. Database connection pool settings


Structure addition: new column in the auth_authentication_session table

Unblu 5.1.5 Release Notes

Release date: 12 April 2019


  • UNBLU-7089 - Avatar - When the person is initially created (user login) the avatar is not copied from User to Person.

  • UNBLU-7098 - Avatar - update of an avatar is not reflected everywhere

  • UNBLU-7476 - Supervisors can not display the users grouped by role

  • UNBLU-7631 - Universal: "mailto" not working (Error 302)

  • UNBLU-7677 - API - 500 error thrown when creating a Webhook without a name (or name = null)

  • UNBLU-7678 - API - 200 response when creating a Webhook with empty name

  • UNBLU-7700 - With "uriTransformTarget" set to proxy resources can not be loaded

  • UNBLU-7766 - Select box drop-downs can’t be scrolled on overflow

  • UNBLU-7777 - Misspelled configuration scope

  • UNBLU-7779 - Safari cookie confirmation missing

  • UNBLU-7795 - Config dependencies for CoBrowsingFeatures and VisitorUiConfiguration

  • UNBLU-7805 - Wrong Avatar on Audio-Call (with Concierge)

  • UNBLU-7806 - Queue + Inbox: Latest-Message (fileupload) not correct (visitor-id instead of name)

  • UNBLU-7814 - Logged-in visitor see’s the anonymous conversations (instead the Logged-in user conversations)

  • UNBLU-7818 - Whitespace in path breaks embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-7819 - Threads are created but not removed

  • UNBLU-7821 - Error in new ConversationTemplate editor when no engagementTypes are available

  • UNBLU-7824 - markerColor can be set on other entities than account

  • UNBLU-7826 - Mail Configuration (including passwords) only visible for super-admin

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-5974 - Integration Testing Infrastructure

  • UNBLU-5975 - Minimal Integration Testing Coverage

  • UNBLU-6356 - New Agent Messaging UI

  • UNBLU-7077 - Update documentation for mobile SDKs

Unblu 5.1.4 Release Notes

Release date: 08 April 2019


  • UNBLU-6394 - Notifications in embedded cobrowing session are not shown up.

  • UNBLU-7422 - Sometimes embedded co-browsing stops

  • UNBLU-7583 - iOS Mobile SDK - Co-bwosing session is not picked up after unblocking the screen

  • UNBLU-7662 - UnbluSnippetProvider: Delivers a wrong snippet (if not LEGACY)

  • UNBLU-7691 - Inbox freezes

  • UNBLU-7732 - Onboarding text is cleared in UI but still present in database, but then can’t be changed in the UI.

  • UNBLU-7735 - JS-API: startConversation visitorName parameter issue

  • UNBLU-7736 - Unblu Chat Window system messages language issue

  • UNBLU-7746 - Reconnect for Mobile Cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-7750 - Configuration editor: display name evaluation order selectors are wrong

  • UNBLU-7756 - Web-API: conversationhistory/findAllBy "startTimestamp" dos not restrict result

  • UNBLU-7759 - TrackingItem.toString causes NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-7763 - Handle gzip compression in Kubernetes cluster setup

  • UNBLU-7767 - JS-API: Start-Chat conversation crashes with NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-7770 - Conversation Template - Text settings not available to Admin

  • UNBLU-7771 - Concierge set recipient must not display archived entity

  • UNBLU-7775 - Running multiple collab server instances in a cluster disables auth

  • UNBLU-7781 - Incoming Voice Call concierge not showing team selection

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7760 - Change log level to severity in JSON log format

Unblu 5.1.3 Release Notes

Release date: 29 March 2019


  • UNBLU-6679 - Radio-button group and keyboard selection

  • UNBLU-7032 - HAProxy fails

  • UNBLU-7330 - Research Cluster Issue: Collab Server Startup ZK connection

  • UNBLU-7346 - IE-11: Click Animation are not animated in visitor browser

  • UNBLU-7675 - Reconnect for Embedded and Mobile Cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-7692 - Document Cobrowsing: document keeps uploading every 30 seconds

  • UNBLU-7711 - Unblu bubble looks "vertically stretched"

  • UNBLU-7715 - Co-browsing in Edge on SGKB site is covered by white curtain-like thing on agent side

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7416 - Support no-delete mode in LDAP sync

  • UNBLU-7457 - create dynamic coturn server static-auth-secret for k8s deployments

  • UNBLU-7459 - safety check before using "" scripts in k8s/os deployments

  • UNBLU-7480 - reconfigure internal k8s service endpoint dns configs

  • UNBLU-7563 - Ghost should be able to invite himself to a conversation he can see

  • UNBLU-7673 - Web API: add a create bot operation in persons service

  • UNBLU-7734 - Web API: conversation history does not provide conversation content

  • UNBLU-7739 - Web API: Changes to ConversationHistory Service

Unblu 5.1.2 Release Notes

Release date: 22 March 2019


  • UNBLU-7326 - Agent Desk indefinitely retries RPC Requests that fail.

  • UNBLU-7358 - Pressing down arrow key at the beginning of a long message triggers canned responses

  • UNBLU-7497 - Pressing arrow up/down after populating canned response message ends up an a stuck state

  • UNBLU-7549 - Web API - Wrong error for removing a participant with an invalid reason

  • UNBLU-7568 - iOS SDK - Focus doesn’t change when getting an incoming call

  • UNBLU-7597 - 5.x: Headless browser is able to navigate to cluster internal resources

  • UNBLU-7617 - iOS Loudspeaker can not be turned off (iPad)

  • UNBLU-7655 - No error message invalid api key

  • UNBLU-7665 - iOS App: Download files only possible when icon has not the focus

  • UNBLU-7668 - Fix contexts in conversation & collaboration session tests

  • UNBLU-7669 - With API /rest/v2/persons/createOrUpdateVirtual it is possible to create person having a team in an other account

  • UNBLU-7670 - Long words not properly handled in chat view

  • UNBLU-7682 - Text properties are not copied from conversation template to conversation

  • UNBLU-7693 - Eliminate NaturalBoundsJsLayout

  • UNBLU-7695 - When creating an email invitation there is no option to set it, but email starts with "$inviteeName"

  • UNBLU-7698 - Migration of conversation_state (5.0.x to 5.1.x) is wrong

  • UNBLU-7705 - Agent Desk does not load inside an iFrame

  • UNBLU-7708 - iOS using earpiece speaker initially fails sometimes

  • UNBLU-7709 - Agent Desk Conversation UI - Top not visible if screen is too small

  • UNBLU-7713 - unblu 5.1 The new Script injected by filter/SFM sets "prefix + '/visitor.js' " as a precondition

  • UNBLU-7716 - API conversationHistory/findAllBy: change return status when startTimestamp or endTimestamp are missing

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7696 - Create configuration property to set the conversation window to full screen by default

  • UNBLU-7702 - REST API to get ratings

  • UNBLU-5114 - Create "color" configuration property type.

  • UNBLU-6590 - Update the definition of supported browsers

Unblu 5.1.1 Release Notes

Release date: 14 March 2019


  • UNBLU-7264 - Mobile SDk - Triggering an audio call for an invalid conversation blocks the app

  • UNBLU-7594 - Protocol notification wrong: "The approval has been decline."

  • UNBLU-7641 - Disconnect after "leave conversation" on Visitordesk while "Waiting for rating"

  • UNBLU-7646 - Conversation-Latest Message (after userChange) not correct (agent + Visitor-side)

  • UNBLU-7647 - Unread messages issues when conversation created via API and messages exchanged before both person joins

  • UNBLU-7650 - Conversation Sessions do not time-out

  • UNBLU-7653 - Visitor overview navigation after conversation error doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-7656 - Fixed case where broken HTML breaks embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-7657 - Last message visible for inactive participant

  • UNBLU-7658 - Message states; read,deliver do not set for inactive users

  • UNBLU-7659 - Chat invitation context person dependent

  • UNBLU-7663 - OffBoarding not working when "end" conversation via Web-API

  • UNBLU-7667 - DatabaseException: ORA-00972: identifier is too long (offboarding_finished_time)

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-7660 - Fast onboarding

  • UNBLU-7466 - Upgrade the JDBC-Drivers to the newest versions

  • UNBLU-7612 - Cancel open concierge questions