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This document describes version 5 of Unblu. If you’re using the latest major version of Unblu, go to the documentation of the latest version.

The support period for version 5 ended on 22 November 2021. We no longer provide support or updates for this version. You should upgrade to the latest version of Unblu.

Rendering Service Requirements

The requirements for the Rendering Service depend on the type of your Unblu installation.

The Rendering Service is an option. ​It is only required if you want to be able to co-browse documents and/or third-party websites. ​You can share almost any type of document without the Rendering Service.

Rendering Service Compute Costs

The universal co-browsing capabilities that the Rendering Service provides are relatively expensive in terms of compute resources. This is because each universal co-browsing session launches an entire new browser on the server. The Rendering Service should therefore be considered separately when calculating the compute resources required.

Bear in mind that the Rendering Service is only required for the following cases:

  • You want to co-browse web pages that are not instrumented to run Unblu, e.g. third-party websites. For example, you want to browse competitor pages or news stories with a client to help you outline an investment proposal.

  • You want to co-browse documents.

If you find that co-browsing documents and/or third-party web sites takes place more frequently than you had anticipated, it is simple to add more compute resources.