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I want to enable/disable the Chat Queue in my account.


There are two configuration values that define:

  • whether the chat queue should be displayed in the Agent Desk and,

  • whether items should be displayed within that queue.

core.client.desk.showQueue  (Show queue in agent desk)
core.client.desk.showChatQueue  (Show items in that chat queue)

In order to enable/disable the chat queue you must set both values.

Default=true (both values are switched on by default)

  1. From the main menu in the Agent Desk select Settings then select the Advanced button.

  2. Ensure that the Label and Show inherited check boxes are selected.

  3. Enter the search term queue into the Filter field.

    You can also use the technical labels core.client.desk.showQueue and core.client.desk.showChatQueue to search for the values. If you do use the technical labels you must select the Key and Show inherited check boxes.
  4. Select/deselect the check boxes to enable/disable the Chat Queue.

  5. Save then log out and back in to apply the changes.