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This is a very specific use case. The problem this script solves is: How do you know if you are within a universal co-browsing session or not?

If you have a page, for example, that should be in any way different when you are using universal co-browsing then you can use this script to find out whether you are in a universal co-browsing session or not. For example, if you wanted an area on a page to contain special links, or additional information, that only display when you have started a universal co-browsing session you would use this script to tell you if you are in a universal co-browsing session inside the browser.

The script checks whether you are inside the browser in order that the code you have written that is intended to be universal co-browse-specific will execute in the right place.

<script type="text/javascript">
if( typeof(unbluBrowser) != "undefined" && unbluBrowser.log) {

    // Your code that runs when within a co-browse session
    // e.g. Load additional CSS