The 2023 Retail Banking Trends

Trends long in development will come to fruition in 2023 – requiring an urgent response from retail banks. But faced with a sharp decline in customer trust, what must banks do to thrive in the coming year?

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In trust on a 1,000-point scale, according to the Retail Banking Satisfaction Study (JD Power).


number of millennial customers who use digital banking on a regular basis (Insider Intelligence).


The budget increases the majority of banks planned to allocate to digital security in 2022 (Insider Intelligence).


Global executives in the banking sector who reported progress with their digital initiatives (Forrester).

Identify key areas of focus for retail banks in 2023

Rebuild trust among customers

Service success is founded on trust. Discover what customers value to develop meaningful and profitable relationships.

Address service preference shifts

New generations display new behaviors – and have new requirements. Provide the experience they expect.

Understand industry-defining macrotrends

Cybersecurity. Inflation. Economic unease. Digitalization. Gain an overview of the macrotrends that influence retail banking customers.

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