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Women and Wealth

How to advise female investors on their terms

Women constitute half the planet’s population. This makes them a powerful—albeit diverse—demographic. 80% of global purchasing decisions are already taken or influenced by women and their power is only set to grow. 

The current advisory model is not working for women. Major obstacles include a lack of trust in a male-dominant industry, an impersonal one-size-fits-all approach to advisory services, and an increase in disruptive competitors. 

Financial providers will need to implement significant changes if they are to win the attention and loyalty of this segment of the population.

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  • Who this demographic is and what do they want?
  • What challenges do women’s expectations pose for providers?
  • How can financial firms better serve women?
  • What digital tools are needed to deliver value to women’s customer journey?
  1. Leveraging Unblu to increase product conversion
    Case Study

    Leveraging Unblu to increase product conversion

    Specializing in universal banking services for companies and private individuals, Raiffeisenbank serves over 1,400,000 retail customers. To maintain their reputation as excellent digital service providers, the bank wanted to reduce the strain on their contact centers’ traditional channels – and maximize conversions.

  2. Overcoming Regulatory Barriers to Enhance Client Interaction

    Overcoming Regulatory Barriers to Enhance Client Interaction

    How wealth management firms and private banks communicate with their clients is coming under increased scrutiny from regulators, particularly surrounding the recording of conversations.

  3. Digital banking, done right

    Digital banking, done right

    No relationship can thrive without trust – and yet that’s exactly what’s missing in today’s challenging digital banking landscape. What do your customers think about you?

  4. Ensuring a smooth digital migration

    Ensuring a smooth digital migration

    Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) identified and anticipated potential areas of friction in their customer journey when planning to migrate to a new e-banking environment. By partnering iwth Unblu, they managed to maintain a smoth experience throughout their client onboarding process and boosted their call center efficiency.

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