Class UiHideRequestModel


public class UiHideRequestModel extends Object
Represents a model for requesting the hiding of the Unblu UI component. It is used within the Unblu system to communicate UI hide requests, allowing for a structured approach to handling such requests based on the reason provided and the context of the conversation, if applicable.
  • Constructor Details

    • UiHideRequestModel

      public UiHideRequestModel(UnbluUiHideRequestReason hideReason, String conversationId)
      Constructs a new instance of UiHideRequestModel with a specific hide reason and conversation ID.
      hideReason - The reason for requesting to hide the UI, as defined by UnbluUiHideRequestReason.
      conversationId - The ID of the conversation associated with the hide request, or null if not applicable.
  • Method Details

    • getHideReason

      @NonNull public UnbluUiHideRequestReason getHideReason()
      Returns the reason for the UI hide request.
      The reason for hiding the UI, as specified by the UnbluUiHideRequestReason.
    • getConversationId

      @Nullable public String getConversationId()
      Returns the ID of the conversation associated with the UI hide request, if any.
      The conversation ID related to the hide request, or null if the request is not associated with a specific conversation.
    • createOnUserInteraction

      public static UiHideRequestModel createOnUserInteraction()
      A static method that creates a new instance of UiHideRequestModel for a UI hide request initiated by user interaction. It uses UnbluUiHideRequestReason.REQUESTED_BY_USER as the hide reason and does not associate the request with a conversation.
      A new instance of UiHideRequestModel for a user-initiated hide request.