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Online furniture shopping with a real in-store experience – from the comfort of your home

Delux Lifestyle DeLife GmbH now offers personal advice to their online visitors by integrating co-browsing from unblu

Are you sometimes unsure about the check out process or would you like to get personal advice from a sales expert during your online shopping experience? For customers of DeLife (www.delife.eu) , a leading online furniture retailer, this is now possible. Thanks to unblu co-browsing, an employee can take on the role of an advisor, guide customers through the online shop and assist during the check out process.

Co-browsing is THE new trend in online-commerce. It helps presenting products online as well as explaining offer or terms and conditions. Thanks to unblu co-browsing, DeLife´s customers are now getting a similar experience as walking through a real furniture store together with a dedicated sales agent. Questions can quickly and precisely be addressed, customer and advisor are always on the same page, seeing exactly the same content. Come and see for yourself: Next generation online shopping on www.delife.eu.

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