Interface CallModule

All Superinterfaces:, UnbluModule

public interface CallModule extends
The API for the call module, independent of the call service provider. The API only works if the module was registered in the configuration of the UnbluClient.
  • Method Details

    • isCallActive

      void isCallActive(@NotNull SuccessCallback<Boolean> success, @Nullable NotInitializedExceptionCallback failure)
      Checks if there's an ongoing call in Unblu and returns a callback with the result of the check.
      success - Called with the state of the call
      failure - Called if the API wasn't initialized
    • isCallActive

      @NotNull io.reactivex.rxjava3.core.Observable<Boolean> isCallActive()
      Monitors Unblu for ongoing calls.
      An Observable that emits when a call is active
    • setCallIndicatorButtonClickInterceptor

      void setCallIndicatorButtonClickInterceptor(IndicatorButtonClickInterceptor interceptor)
      Sets an interceptor for call indicator button clicks.