Interface UnbluCustomActionInvocation

All Known Subinterfaces:
UnbluCustomConversationActionInvocation, UnbluMessageCustomActionInvocation, UnbluPersonCustomActionInvocation

public interface UnbluCustomActionInvocation
An interface for custom actions performed in Unblu. Each UnbluCustomActionInvocation contains key information like the invoking person, timestamp, conversation, and so on.
  • Method Details

    • getKey

      String getKey()
      The key for the custom action, as a string
    • getInvocationTimestamp

      long getInvocationTimestamp()
      The timestamp of when the action was invoked, as a long value
    • getInvokingPersonId

      String getInvokingPersonId()
      The ID of the person who invoked the action, as a string
    • getInvokingPersonDisplayName

      String getInvokingPersonDisplayName()
      The display name of the person who invoked the action, as a string.
    • getConversationId

      String getConversationId()
      The ID of the conversation the action was invoked in, as a string
    • geIinvocationId

      String geIinvocationId()
      The ID of the invocation, as a string