Spend time with customers

Unblu’s platform empowers advisors to deliver flexible, engaging, and meaningful help online with a choice of seamlessly integrated digital tools.

We allow financial institutions to

Engage with customers in secure video meetings

Personalized advice that is adapted to the customer’s unique needs is the best way to engage consumers, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to Unblu, wealth managers and clients can discuss and collaborate on ideas and opportunities. Meetings can be scheduled or they can be spontaneous.

Provide omnichannel advice that is much more than video

With different communication channels available, including tools like co-browsing and video call, advisors and customers can chat in the way that suits them at that moment. Closing a mortgage takes time and several interactions. We allow advisors to keep all the meetings and relevant information in a single place. That makes the process much easier both for customers and banking employees.

Increase sales

Guiding customers through complex topics like pension plans, avoiding drop-offs by offering help at just the right time, advisors are able to increase sales.

Improve customer satisfaction

Self-service tools allow customers to make payments, file claims online, or access information. When they need reassurance, a video or voice call can connect them to a human advisor.

Why Unblu?

  • Host secure online meetings

When circumstances make in-person meetings impossible, video call in conjunction with co-browsing is a strong substitute, allowing real-time face-to-face exchange that is efficient, personal, and convenient. Unblu’s platform is compliant with the necessary financial regulations and can be safely integrated into existing security set-ups.

  • Enhance meeting efficiency

Embedded and document co-browsing allows for greater productivity as advisors interact with customers in real-time, visual troubleshooting, editing documents together, and even signing them using e-signature integration.

  • Provide ongoing financial advice

Unlike other solutions, Unblu is not just a platform for holding meetings. It’s a platform that allows you to maintain an open communication channel with clients and prospects for as long as necessary. At Unblu, we create a  lasting secure zone where clients and consultants can meet, share information, and close deals. 

Different products for diverse needs

The power of person-to-person with video & audio call

Sometimes only speaking to a real person can reassure a customer. Video call allows advisors to offer empathetic face-to-face advice. Chatting in real-time allows them to build trusting relationships and increase conversions. A simple audio call is also an option.

Learn more about video & audio call

Connect and collaborate with co-browsing & screen sharing

See exactly what the customer is doing with co-browsing and screen-sharing. A visual context allows the advisor to offer specific and personalized help, reducing resolution times. With co-browsing, advisor and client can even collaborate, adding engagement to the interaction.

Learn more about co-browsing Learn more about screen sharing

Engage in real-time with texting

Messaging allows advisors and clients to solve issues quickly and intuitively, and help maintain relationships with ease along the way. Alerts can be sent via text so customers can react faster and messaging can also be used to schedule video chat appointments.

Learn more about secure messaging

Chatbot: support at that very second

Chatbots save time and resources, offering instant customer support for simple and low-stakes inquiries, giving agents time to focus on more complex issues. Customers have the option to transfer to an agent at any time, making chatbots a risk-free solution.

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How we are different

Total compliance

Data protection, access to audit trails, masking, encrypted archiving, and geofencing all ensure that Unblu’s conversational tools are compliant with the necessary financial regulations.

Enhanced security

The SecureFlow Manager (SFM) ensures even the most highly secured applications can be safely accessed. Unblu’s technology can also be integrated into existing security set-ups without compromising them.

Innovative technology

Unblu Solutions require no downloads or installations for end users.

Comprehensive usability

Different digital tools can be combined into a single seamless journey, with advisors and customers able to switch smoothly between solutions and channels as necessary.

Flexible integration

On-premise installation is available. Other options are the Unblu Financial Cloud or a dedicated cloud operated by Unblu.

Enhanced efficiency

Unblu’s implementation methodology allows full operationality within a month. Our modular system means you can license some functions now and activate others later, without additional installation projects.

Absolute trust

Unblu has been transforming financial customer service for over ten years, helping more than 150 banks and insurance companies with innovative conversational tools that build trusting and meaningful relationships.

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