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Unblu 7

Enhanced user experience and new compliance and security features

With Unblu 7, we are taking a step further towards ease of adoption. Introducing alongside our historical features, well known functions such as scheduled conversations. 

Enhanced Advisory via Scheduled Conversations

Keeping up regular appointments with clients can be challenging. Especially when those clients have a preference to use digital channels. Clients are more than ever engaged into their financial lives. While they strive to understand the new best investment to make, bank have the opportunity to become the go to point to validate their assumptions.

Not all clients will pro-actively research their next investment. It does not mean they are not interested in making one. Having the ability to reach out on a regular and proactive basis to your clients will allow you to showcase the expertise and value of your advisors and researches. Further fostering your relationship, selling research services & executing transactions.


Stay on track

Staying on track with your financial projects is at least as important as keeping a nice hair cut. Keeping regular appointments with clients to maintain proximity and generate more value.  

Conversation recordings


Unblu 7 is introducing the ability for financial institutions to record all aspects of their conversations with clients. With Unblu 7 all exchanges independently of the feature used will be recorded and stored within our cloud or available for download via an S3 bucket.

Our recording feature aims to support our clients in complying with MiFIID II records keeping requirements such as conversations indirectly or directly related to the execution of a financial transaction.


An investment firm shall arrange for records to be kept of all services, activities and transactions undertaken by it which shall be sufficient to enable the competent authority to fulfil its supervisory tasks and to perform the enforcement actions under this Directive, Regulation (EU) No 600/2014, Directive 2014/57/EU and Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, and in particular to ascertain that the investment firm has complied with all obligations including those with respect to clients or potential clients and to the integrity of the market.

Article 16, paragraph 6, MiFID II


In addition, Unblu is introducing audit logs, a key functionality to maintain and keep track of changes in our clients setup. Offering the guaranty that all actions performed within Unblu are traced and logged for future reference and audit purposes.


Secure Mail replacement via Embedded UI 2.0


As the number of channels used by customers to manage their financials increases, banks and insurances are looking to rationalize the solution deployed to power those channels. By doing so, they will scale their deployment while keeping their expenses reasonable. Additionally, this will facilitate adoption across large institutions as adoption & training costs will be kept to a minimum.

Unblu 7 is introducing a new and larger User Interface for the visitor. This will allow financial institutions to insert Unblu into their existing web environments in a fully integrated way. Allowing Unblu to serve for example within an ebanking environment as a Secure eMail service.

New User Journey via Embedded UI 2.0



Unblu 7 new seamless and adjustable User Interface will also allow financial institution to “break” from the traditional chat location on a page (down, right). Allowing them to integrate conversational banking in a variety of way to best fit their clients journey.

Canned Response 2.0



Filtered by location/language, more customization to enable complex predefined responses. Speeding up support answers 

Agent Improved User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) 

For Unblu 7, we have listened to our customers’ feedback and focused our efforts on improving the usability of our Conversational platform for agents and advisors, giving them control to do their jobs more efficiently and enjoyably.


Kate Koyama

Unblu Lead UX Designer

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