Boost online sales

Use a range of digital tools to meet the customer on their terms, providing help at just the right moment in the mortgage process, proving your value, building relationships, and closing deals efficiently.

We allow financial institutions to…

Be there when it matters

Resolution and empathy are the most important customer experience attributes when choosing a mortgage provider. Leverage the ‘moment of truth’ and step in at just the moment that the customer needs you, wherever and whenever that is.

Maximize productivity

Save time by using automation for low-stakes and risk-free inquiries such as mortgage document retrieval. Or for qualifying requests, gauging the customer’s intent before routing to an advisor.

Reduce unnecessary requests

Repeat home buyers make their lender selection more than 60% faster than first-time home buyers and they appreciate speed and convenience. Streamlining the digital application process is particularly important for this market segment.

Minimize drop-offs

60% of customers report that they are comfortable with a completely online mortgage application. But this digital experience needs to fulfill their needs at every stage or risk losing them at any point.

A whole digital experience for mortgage advice

Compare product information easily

Co-browsing makes mortgage product research a collaborative and engaging exchange. The advisor is right there with the customer, helping them to compare products, navigate websites, and use tools like mortgage affordability calculators.

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Streamline the application process

Advisors and customers can collaborate on mortgage proposals exchanging messages and documents. All documents are stored in a document repository.

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Engage face-to-face for extra reassurance

Video call allows banks to re-create the familiarity and reassurance of face-to-face interactions. Conversation history and shared financial information are saved so customers don’t have to explain or send things multiple times.

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Simplify document collection

Unblu allows customers to submit documents digitally, such as income information or credit checks. These can be verified and assessed through the provider’s origination software, which is seamlessly integrated with Unblu’s system.

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Use e-signature to close faster

Secure and integrated e-signature software allows customers to sign documents remotely, making the process as simple, smooth, and efficient as possible, and minimizing the time it takes to close a deal.

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Continue the conversation

Once the mortgage is approved and signed, continue to offer real-time customer support with secure text messenger or bots and AI. Keep the dialogue going and continue to provide an exceptional service.

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Different products for diverse needs

Texting for low-touch real-time communication

Live chat and secure messenger capitalize on customer familiarity with texting. Live chat creates opportunities for efficient real-time interactions between customer and advisor, providing fast problem resolution. Secure messenger allows for asynchronous conversations. Customers can reply at their own convenience.

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Co-browsing for remote collaboration

Customers expect personalized help, specific to their unique problem. Co-browsing and screen-sharing put customers and advisors on the same page—literally. Advisors can then offer expert and customized guidance, just as they would in an in-person meeting, allowing for more meaningful conversations. 

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Video call for high-touch personal interactions

Customers want the reassurance of speaking to an advisor face-to-face. Video call replicates this familiarity but in a remote and convenient way. If a customer prefers, they can always opt for a voice call instead. The choice is theirs.

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Chatbots for qualifying leads

Free up advisors to focus on the most valuable conversations by using a bot to gauge customer intent. Bots can qualify the request at the beginning of a customer conversation as well as answer simple, frequent, and low-stakes questions. 

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How we are different

Total compliance

Data protection, access to audit trails, masking, encrypted archiving, and geofencing all ensure that Unblu’s conversational tools are compliant with the necessary financial regulations.

Enhanced security

The SecureFlow Manager (SFM) ensures even the most highly secured applications can be safely accessed. Unblu’s technology can also be integrated into existing security set-ups without compromising them.

Innovative technology

Unblu Solutions require no downloads or installations for end users.

Comprehensive usability

Different digital tools can be combined into a single seamless journey, with advisors and customers able to switch smoothly between solutions and channels as necessary.

Flexible integration

On-premise installation is available. Other options are the Unblu Financial Cloud or a dedicated cloud operated by Unblu.

Enhanced efficiency

Unblu’s implementation methodology allows full operationality within a month. Our modular system means you can license some functions now and activate others later, without additional installation projects.

Absolute trust

Unblu has been transforming financial customer service for over ten years, helping more than 150 banks and insurance companies with innovative conversational tools that build trusting and meaningful relationships.

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